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8 months ago
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Have you ever wondered why we go bald, on our heads that is, but not on our bodies?

Even the caveman covered his body in colder regions and a cave is cold but how about the head. A cold on your brain is no fun.

If you have ever visited a cave, you know all about it. Even if it is 30-40 degrees Celsius outside, you better bring a thick jumper when you visit a big cave. There are not many in the Netherlands, so you have to go to the south of the country (Limburg) and the caves that I really wanted to see in Turkey, those beautiful ones in a rock face, I have never been able to visit. So I only know them from pictures. A pity, but that is the consequence of travelling with children. Everything not only costs much more money but many sights and attractions are not accessible. Too small, too young, too big, pregnant, back and neck problems and so on are all good reasons for excluding people.

Amusement parks are very good at it. Only after you have stood in a queue for hours do you suddenly get a sign in front of you, listing when you cannot take part in the attraction. The number of people who pay the entrance fee but are not allowed to participate in approximately 80 per cent of the attractions is extremely high. In other words: visiting amusement parks is often a waste of money, money that could have been better spent than sitting on a dirty terrace of a fast food restaurant with unappetising food and drinks that cost ten times more than at the snack bar at home, not to mention the sandwiches, coffee and tea that are on sale and pretending this is it, life and you have fun. Those who go out pay for the illusion of having been there and talking to the crowd.

The man who thought this up is a good salesman along with the advertising agencies who may have been astonished to see how easily people can be manipulated as soon as they think they are missing something. Interestingly, my children don't care if they belong to the group. Amusement parks, going where others go, has never appealed to them much. It could be that this is because we travelled anyway. The slogan 'out is good for you' was proclaimed on television for a long time and also appeared in magazines. Just a promotion of the travel sector that has gone into a tailspin and has to think up something to still collect money. Bus companies, travel organisations, airlines, hotels and even swimming pools and cinemas have not improved in the last two years and what was will never return. Those who want to can plan their own trip and if we can no longer go abroad, we will simply discover our own country or who knows, we might even do a home exchange. Treasure hunting in a stranger's house can also be very interesting. Most people are curious, so peeking into closets, drawers, under beds of strangers can provide a wealth of information and who knows, maybe a stranger's sock madness will bring us back to the lane of memories of how our own lives once were. Grandma knitting socks, the craftswoman who asked us what we wanted to learn to knit at school (socks) but couldn't knit socks herself, those good old days. We can learn to live self-sufficiently during our holidays in someone else's cottage and keep a scrapbook of everything we do, think, learn from strangers each day.

It may be good to keep up with the latest gadgets, but what helps us most is picking up old skills. Let's face it, the world of big tech will not be accessible or even liveable for everyone in the future. What if the smart city is not the place where you live or you rather belong to that group that prefers to live free in the countryside, in a forest or a cave? Just nice and simple, preferably self-sufficient? What are those basic needs that you really need to stay alive? Have you thought about this?

I was talking to my child about this today. Not only why your head goes bald and your legs don't, why scars never heal even after 50 years and so why it's nonsense that all body cells renew every 5 or 7 years but also how and what we need to be satisfied. Maybe our scarce life is to our advantage after all. Be honest: if you have never lived in luxury, you will shrug and easily say goodbye to the dishwasher, the air conditioning, the refrigerator, the stereo, watching television daily and driving your car up and down for a short distance or buying toothpaste, sooner than if you have already done without. "Going out is good for you", "the car can do without you for a day", and the bicycle offers plenty of prospects. Let's face it, necessity breaks the law and what is not allowed in a country where everything is neatly arranged and controlled, is allowed in times of shortage and war.

While we drove around on the country roads (call it dirt roads) to recharge the battery of the especially stationary car, we saw a cyclist approaching us. Cycling on the loose path looked so easy, but in reality, it is not. Certainly not with all those ridges of tractor tracks in it. Your kidneys literally shake out of your body and your bike suffers too. Incidentally, the bicycle was fully loaded, unimaginably packed with the largest goods, which reminded us of the man who cycled around with a bathtub. Forbidden or not, anything is possible if you really want something and can't bear the weight itself.

It is nice to think that the richest people will soon be most dependent on the skills of others, although I do hope that they develop skills themselves. If the former queen is a sculptor, then perhaps the king and the other elite could also learn to cook and take out an old sweater to knit socks and crochet curtains or make a blanket from wool patches. In addition to hunting, the king may also learn to poach and skin animals to keep his body warm with a cloak of hare or mink fur or who knows, even his dog.

In a world where everything revolves around killing the overpopulation (most of us) and fighting CO2 to give only the richest people on this earth a better life, producing everything we are used to today will no longer exist. Without people, no food industry, clothing, footwear, education, health care, pharmacy or travel organizations are needed. The pet will no longer exist and with that, the pet industry and care will also fall and with that the circle is complete. He who has no income has no food dies. This will also be the result of natural selection. Perhaps not the richest person, but the smartest survive. The smartest when it comes to independence of the richest on earth. Those who do not sow their seeds, do not need their food, do not buy their products and do not go for their pills will survive. Even if this means living in a cave, eating uncooked food, looking for berries and seeds and eating dandelion leaves and telling each other stories before going to sleep instead of sitting in front of the television and being brainwashed by the advertising agencies of the rich who only burden us with more broken items and garbage while filling their pockets with money they might as well print just as quickly.

Imagine a life without money, without the current riches. How would you save yourself?

Do you need money to keep your head above the waterline? If the temperature on earth actually rises, this can only work in our favour. Gas or electricity will no longer be necessary to heat houses. You can use the sun to heat food, if necessary put it in your unused car. The laundry dries quickly, so no need for a tumble dryer and winter clothing is also unnecessary. A bald head is not a problem and taking a warm bath is no longer necessary to get warm. We go back to the old-fashioned way of once a week a jump in the river or the lake. Just rinse and dry in the sun as we used to do. Soap plants still exist and the sweet chestnut is also related to them. You can wash yourself, your hair and laundry with it. Without all those technical gadgets, there is a lot less annoying because what you bought is already broken. I trade my eggs for someone's milk or bread or just eat fruit and get everything I need. Vitamins (including from the sun), antibiotics, antibodies. Everything that the inside person no longer gets from living inside. There will be fewer allergies and skin diseases, less boredom, closer contacts because we, the healthy people, need each other again, even if it is only for trading or doing a favour in return. Have you noticed how many do-it-yourself-people arose in the past twenty years?

Alimony, subsidies, bank loans, your monthly support will all be a bad memory of the past. Unless you join some church or sect because these leaders have always squeezed out the people from the very beginning of their existence. So be wise, keep a cool head and think about yourself first before supporting and providing people who don't have a lot of positive intentions and will never give you anything in return.

The latest news is we'll be in a crisis from now on I read. If you believe that and will live like it you will always be in a crisis. The good news is the world has always been in a crisis. It's a crisis or war and since you are aware of it you can be prepared, fight it and even have benefited from it.

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Written by   853
8 months ago
Topics: Writing, Thoughts, Life, War, Reset, ...
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