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Eostre, the Goddess is alive

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1 year ago

These days we talk a lot about how life has changed.

The coronavirus, a certain type of it, was good enough to lock the world in, to lock most of us inside without much perspective for the future.

Some papers say we are all used by the new normal but the demonstrations and increasing number of depressed people tell a different story. It depends on where you live, which stories you like to believe how much the crises we are dragged into by governments effects you. Some hardly notice any difference but this doesn't mean what does not affect you does not exist.

We can discuss the pros and contras of a lockdown, vaccination but that's not what this article is about. It's about those who pay the bill, bring sacrifices without having the feeling there's a way out, a future lies ahead of them.

Spring is what Eastern, the Goddess Eostre (she is a Germanic Goddess of dawn who is celebrated during the Spring Equinox) stands for. She has nothing to do with today's religions, Christianity at all. Like said she is a Germanic Goddess and she stands for fertility, new life.

On the Germanic calendar, the equivalent month to April was called “Ōstarmānod” (Eostre her month).

A new life is what we are facing.

There's no way back no matter how hard we hope or wish for it. Our new life will be one where most of us have to watch our steps. We need to find a new way to connect with our inner self (see it as a rebirth), to connect with our family and friends. Homeschooling might be the future schooling and we'll get used to that too. Enough children worldwide are schooled for generations this way.

Personally, I do not believe those in the age of 16-23 have a harder time than the elderly. Many elderly live abandoned for 10-20 years already and those one or two visitors left no longer stop by.

What the future will look like I cannot forsee but I do know we are in this together. Not because of the virus but because we did this to ourselves. We choose to be inside, we never cared about Eostre, about life but today we are forced too. What we took for granted we lost and what's worse we didn't fight for it. We let fear rule is.

The only way out of our crises is if we plan our personal new normal. A future that is bright, colourful and as promising as the blossoms in Spring. This means we have to learn new skills and learn from the wisdom and experiences of the elderly again. It's time to open our windows and doors, time to let a fresh breeze inside. Let's sweep the dust and webs away and clean up today because Spring is on the way. The Goddess... even if she isn't recognized and ignored is still alive.

Eostre saved a bird and put it's soul in a rabbit and with it the bird's ability to... lay eggs. The colourful eggs refer to the flowers we see in Spring. The search for Eastern eggs is one filled with symbolism.

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Written by   841
1 year ago
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