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8 months ago

What you read underneath is an entry to the '31 sentence contest'. At the time I joined it was hosted on What was it you needed to do?

A photo was shown and you had to write a story that fittet to it. The photo was the prompt used but there was something extra. The story should be written in 31 sentences and... each sentence had a certain amount of words. If you like to be creative, puzzle a bit you can try it yourself.

If you ever saw 'All dogs go to heaven' (animation) you might recognize the 'Carface' in my tale.


"I didn't see anything", Little Dog said as he accused him of cheating.

None was sure if he spoke the truth.

But since barking dogs do bite it was better for all to be quiet.

Home was no option alone.

Since Carface started to rule it was no longer cool to gather around and play the whole day with no chance winning the pool.

"I saw what you did you little bastard, you filthy Dog!" these words caused all a huge shock.

Except Carface who spat them out and didn't care about "Dogs Being United Till The End Of The Day" mainly started to scare abusive humans away.

"Come on...", one tried to cheer up the rest, "we all know this game is the best. Do not give up on it so easily, show him your cards dog.

So we can see who's cheating on who, is honest and true."

Dog refused stubbornly to give in, he played the card game with the purpose to win

He nodded and growled "Drop dead!

That was something he better shouldn't have said it made Careface - a fat bulldog - extremely wild - they all hold their breath - would he turn into a mad...

"For God's sake play!"

It was the dog at the left who rambled the words out, didn't think first or hesitated, dared to speak out loud.

They peered at each other... the brutal and the violent.

"You're a bastard, a cheater, a fraud Carface hissed...


He grabbed the one at his left and dragged the poor bastard over the floor ripped him into a hundred pieces till there was nothing left of him anymore.

There was blood all over the place and they prayed for the grace of God Little Dog would give in, show his cards.

"Your are crazy Carface don't think I give in no matter how you threat me I win!"

Little Dog never liked the fat bull.

Today he would teach _him_ a lesson once and for all.

No way!

"Show your cards!"

Carface was out of his mind, greed and fear made him blind for the reality.

All laughed at him straight into his face - while the blood dripped off his chin - how come he no longer impressed the pack it felt like drowning in an ice hole.

"I am the Alpha, the leader and I've even got all the ace you cannot beat me", he furiously spat into the Little Dog's face.

"You can make your own rules but today it won't do you good", Little Dog answered in a remarkably good mood.

The dogs left didn't dare to say a word they didn't like to be killed by Carface.

All dogs had counted the hours - even days - some hero would stand up to fight, defend his place and right.

Pepped up he flew over the table and landed - with a big bounce - in front of the feet of his enemy, dropped as dead as one can be.


If you wrote something like this or like to give it a try feel free to tag me.

Sentence order:

13, 8, 14, 5, 24, 18, 26, 30, 12, 16, 6, 27, 4, 22, 10, 9, 1, 29, 23, 19, 7, 11, 2, 3, 15, 31, 25, 21, 17, 20, 28

#kittywu #tale #story #poem #writing

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Written by   736
8 months ago
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