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I am not against divorce. My parents divorced at a time it was a shame to do so.

My mother wanted to make a new start and had an option to do so in the neighbourhood where her mother lived. My grandmother refused. She did not want others to know her daughter was divorced, a single mother. Having black children was already bad enough.

In the k-drama I watched lately I see the same behaviour. Parents who don't care if their child is molested, unhappy or has no voice, no life, need to give up on every dream, wish and with that hope.

I wonder why they behave like that. I even start thinking it's about revenge. Mom was forced into a marriage so the child has to suffer too. These kinds of situations make me feel sick. I doubt my mother ever forgave her mother she felt ashamed about her own daughter and abandoned her for that. The hate my mother felt, the anger she ventilated on her children, family, those few friends, employees and patients for decennial. Death of her parents did not change anything.

It"a strange how easy it is in many countries to get married but how hard it is to divorce. The divorce court is for sure a big-win model without a lawyer and judges nothing is possible.

Lawyers, judges, CPS they all only make it worse. Imagine how broken many are at the moment the divorce is finally a fact. Some divorces take years. Years of gossiping, pointing fingers at, fighting over whose fault it is, the property, children. It all should be easier.

Let people live together and share their lives, issues for 5 years before they are allowed to get married.

Let each person have his own property, savings. Who bought it, has the contract or bill is the owner. Let parents decide before birth who will be the guardian of the child and who will be the godfather in case of need.

Make divorcing easier. There's no benefit in making it last for years. Divorces are painful for everyone children, family, friends and pets included. A lawyer shouldn't be needed to keep the fight going on and pull the couple into the war of the Roses. Relationships end, nothing lasts forever it's part of the circle of life.

My parents should have never gotten married and a divorce was the best thing they could do and should have done years earlier.

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In our country divorce is not yet approve. I am in favor of divorce especially when relationship is very abusive and toxic.. the only way to achieve peace both parties is to separate legally.

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