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Dirty tricks / backstabbing

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4 months ago
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Gazprom announced that due to circumstances they can no longer supply gas to certain countries. Germany is one of them. What those circumstances are apart from pipeline maintenance I will not go into. However, I would like to talk about how we, consciously or unconsciously, treat people with different lifestyles and different views. I am not thinking of one country here, but countries in general. Governments, elected or imposed on the people, look down on their neighbours or a country because they are convinced that that other country is dumber than they are. It does not matter whether it is industrial development, fashion design, bread, language, or religion. Only the way we do it is right and so everyone should do it.

What's in a name or...
what is in a word and why there are only double standards when it is convenient? People are not the same and we do not live under the same conditions. What works for you does not necessarily work for me.
I will be the last one to claim to have all the wisdom, and I too am a product of how I've been raised (violent parents, a time when girls had little freedom and teachers thought girls didn't need to learn anything, being raised/educated by a certain government and different governments) and I suffer from tunnel syndrome to some extent. I am aware of this just as I am aware that the country where I was born does not feel like my homeland. This is not so strange because I was never really accepted as a fellow countryman. Many will, just like me, feel this way. Uprooted or not really at home anywhere. That feeling does not diminish when you move or emigrate.

One person calls this feeling of being home patriotism, another calls it nationalism and at school, I learned that the French are chauvinists. Being a chauvinist is not bad, being patriotic is not bad either, but being a nationalist is abhorred when it occurs in the Western world. Nationalists are equated with racists and Nazis. This is nonsense because a person who loves his country is not automatically a racist and not every racist is also a Nazi and guilty of genocide.

In fact, it is more often the other way round. Those who shout the loudest that they are being discriminated against are discriminating against others. He who shouts racist is frequently one himself. Racism, Nazism, genocide, and slavery are common to all people. Killing people, cannibalism, spreading hatred and lies just like fake news and dictatorship are common to us all too and have nothing to do with religion or skin colour. Man likes to bully, harass and oppress his fellow man and enjoys it. My mother is no exception to this rule.

We all suffer from tunnel vision and prejudice, with or without distrust. Partly this is healthy because it is a way to survive and belong to a group of like-minded people. It becomes unhealthy if you cut your own fingers with that behaviour. If you never allow an outsider into your life, you will never eat something different, undertake something new or meet other people whose customs and wisdom make our lives so much richer.

Many countries, peoples we look down on, with whom we wage war, have an older culture than our own. That culture may be a thing of the past, but that does not mean that the people cannot survive without interference. Every bird sings as it chooses and there is certainly a good reason for that. So let us stop interfering with others, reading them the law, robbing them. Waging war is always about stealing another country's treasures and destroying an ancient culture.

Is it really so difficult to be tolerant and respectful of each other?
Why is that faraway foreign country good enough to travel to and take a holiday in, but is it praised when they go a different way than we do? Why are these countries good enough to get raw materials, grow food or make our clothes for a pittance, because we are too lazy or feel too good to learn these skills ourselves?

Credit where credit is due?
Even though, since the 16th century, attempts have been made to destroy Russia, to degenerate these people, we need Russia. If all the stories about raping Russians for centuries were true, everyone would be Russian now. Think about this. Also ask yourself where your gas and electricity, your life with high tech, the mobile phone, car, and so on are supplied and produced. Which countries are they that make it possible? Indeed they are the countries that have been talked down to so badly for decades that it has influenced our opinion of these people and their lifestyles. After all, nobody is as great as we are.

That greatness, that delusion of greatness, will be over soon. A country that prohibits its farmers from farming, produces nothing itself, closes down its nuclear power plants, and burns its food factories have nothing else to offer as a big mouth, threats, and empty promises.
If it comes to empty... more and more shops are and it doesn't surprise me at all. If there's anyone to blame for it it's us. We let this happen, we allowed others to take care of us because it's so much easier than doing the job ourselves.

They thought it would be good to not mention who keeps us alive, who makes it possible to let us live in luxury, and even take care of our trash.
Never wake up a sleeping dog, might be good advice but it won't work if you keep kicking that dog at the same time. You can blame and kick the dog but the thing is dogs do have a memory and even if you feed them it isn't said they won't bite you.

Days are getting shorter and I do notice a difference it comes to the temperature outside and inside. I cannot blame Gazprom for not delivering gas. To be honest, if it was me I wouldn't either. If you make a deal/contract with a country and invest in a pipeline you should trust that partner. If that partner suddenly treats you like the enemy and pulls back I would say: suit yourself. Germany can suit itself as Robert Habeck, German minister of economy and climate control stated. (Germany has mines, plenty of wind turbines (many aren't operating), and will find a way to restrict the use of gas).
I would say: go for it Germany and keep in mind - if you are that concerned about the environment and the green agenda -  you should stop taking in migrants. The more people the worse it is for mom Nature!

Once you backstab and keep backstabbing the one you need most it's up to you how you deal with the consequences, the country, factories, and its people.
Btw: What counts for Germany counts for the rest of the EU too and the US. If you fight everyone, feel almighty it doesn't mean the tables will never turn. Nostradamus said this would happen a long time ago (was he part of the Eugenics?).

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Written by   853
4 months ago
Topics: Gazprom, Politics, News, Germany, Life, ...
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