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Dare to complain

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Written by   737
1 month ago
Topics: Writing, Thought, 2021, Life, Experiences, ...

When was the last time you protested about something officially? It's easy to complain about your partner, children, the neighbours or even your employer if you are among friends but what if it comes to the injustice done to you by salesmen, doctors, care workers, CPS, teachers, the mayor, police officers and all those people you pay for a service or item that isn't worth your money?

From the moment money was invented and presented a certain value we humans started to expect quality and after that warranty had to be given to the buyers of items. But not only items also certain services. Strangely enough not all services.

Teachers for example are paid to do a certain job. It's not voluntarily or because they love to do something good for society. What they teach you or your children is paid for. Their services, knowledge is bought. Still, if they are not willing to do their job well there's only small chance parents complain about it. The chance a bad teacher will be sacked is even smaller. Teachers are never wrong and if the student learns nothing, if there are bad grades it's always the pupil who will be blamed. If you ask me that's odd. A good teacher should be able to reach out to every student. A good teacher must be able to explain in different ways, make studying attractive, should know no student is the same, learns in the same way. Most teachers aren't flexible at all, not capable to think differently from what they are taught.

With police officers, it's no different. They are taught to think in a certain way and for sure not open-minded or flexible. If the police make a mistake they will not admit it. They rather blame someone else for it or lie themselves a way out. They follow the policy taught just like teachers, mayors, politicians and all those big companies who are, if it comes to it, the only ones protected by the law because they have the most money, best lawyers, insurances and time.

It doesn't matter if you put a complaint at the post office, Amazon, Media Market, Pay Pal or the city hall they all follow the same policy which is a strategy of taking as much time as possible before they respond. They make you believe you have rights. They even say you are right but there's a huge difference between being right and getting your right. Most of us cannot afford a good lawyer and the best advocates you'll always find at the side of the devil. Famous people, businessmen and the wealthy ones get away with every dirty trick the ordinary man, working-class would be sued for.

If you search the internet it's shocking how many people complain about customer service. A service that no longer tries to keep customers satisfied but do its best to get rid of the complainers as quick as possible. The only thing they are fast with is asking you to give them 5 stars for their service on Trustpilot. If you have ever been there you might have noticed how tricky the questions asked are. They don't ask you what went wrong, they don't like to know if you are satisfied with what you bought but want to know if the bot or person you spoke to understood you, were polite and had a solution. If you say 'no' and your problem isn't solved you will never hear from them again. If you have more than one complaint most of it is ignored. Dirty tricks are used by those who work for customer service, people who are instructed not to help you out but to save the company as much money as possible which means no refunds, no claims.

Doctors... They aren't any better. Although they claim they know better and have studied for many years they are never responsible for the damage they make. They are untouchable even have their own court. A court that isn't meant for the rights of clients (indeed you are a client a doctor does not work for free) but their colleagues.

If you want your right you need to fight for it. Bad, spoiled, cold food in a restaurant is not what you should accept. If you go to the grocery you won't pay the full amount for rotten eggs and mouldy bread as for fresh. You wouldn't accept a broken phone if you buy it brand-new or a new car without a steering wheel and tires. You want your new fridge to keep your food and drinks cool not explode right into your face. No one pays the same price for old rags as for new clothes so why do we accept a vet, doctor or caretaker who messes with our lives? Who isn't willing to inform us about side effects or visiting another doctor for a second or third opinion? Why do we accept they ruin lives and live with it? There's no need to. Why shrug and say: I am grateful I am still alive, it could have been worse?

As long as we pay for something it's our right to complain if there is something wrong with the product. So write that letter, e-mail, pick up the phone and chat with that bot till you speak to a human. Take the time to search for help and your legal rights. Have that chat and explain what bothers you and make clear what you expected. A brand new television, not one that is damaged by the delivery boy or was left at your front door in the pouring rain because you weren't at home.

No matter if you pay for a new suitcase or medication you are right to expect the one who sells it to you has the knowledge and expertise. This person should inform you exactly what to expect. Not only if it comes to all the great advantages but the negative aspects as well. The Doberman(dog) isn't the right dog for everyone who wants a dog and the Smart isn't the suitable car for families.

Doctors, pharmacies, politicians, the police, firefighters, soldiers, coaches and priests are no Saints. They can harm people too. People like you and me. Some do so accidental others because they do not care or because they can. If no one complains is willing to fight for his right, if we all hope the problem and harm will solve itself nothing will change. The only thing achieved is we give the wrong message and there's more room for narcissists, dictators, scammers, murders, people who think they can get away with everything no matter what they do. And you know what? They are right.

We made ourselves believe it's a bad thing to not be satisfied, it's a bad thing to put a complaint, it's a bad thing to vote for the opposition, it makes us a bad person if we fight for justice and don't agree. But this is wrong, we are wrong. We should stand up for equality, quality, use our warranty and rights given by law and not simply let it be because we feel like the underdog. Keep in mind underdogs can attack one alfa and no one is untouchable. Even if the judge is bought, even with a dictator there are ways to win, get your right. A lost battle doesn't mean a lost war. No one lives forever. If you do not pay attention your life can drastically change due to harm others gave you. Refuse to accept how people mislead and mistreat you and act. You are worth it and start that snowball effect.

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Written by   737
1 month ago
Topics: Writing, Thought, 2021, Life, Experiences, ...
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I had a similar problem with the refrigerator last year. It had a 3 year warranty when I bought it. In the first 2 years, it malfunctioned 2 times from the same place and I asked for a replacement. They did what I asked, albeit with some force. Because I know my legal rights. Then I extended the warranty period to 7 years by paying an additional fee. After the change, another problem occurred, this time they said your warranty is over. I put in front of them the documents that I have taken out for 7 years. This time they apologized and said they forgot to put it on the computer. If I was someone who didn't know their legal rights and wasn't a follower of the business, no one would care.

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1 month ago