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3 months ago
Topics: Life, Lifestyle, 2022, War, Humanity, ...

Shouldn't we be comrades?

For some, the word comrade has a negative feeling, but this word is definitely not negative. A comrade is a friend, a companion, someone with the same interests as you. A comrade is the person most of us miss the most.

In this new world where we hardly ever meet our fellow man face to face, it can be difficult to find that comrade. Scammers, swindlers and liars take advantage of the goodness and it is therefore natural that people are suspicious. Once emotionally damaged and financially cheated you think carefully before you let someone into your world. Unfortunately, one scammer can spoil it for an entire society. It only takes one scammer, one aggressive person, one narcissist or one liar to make people unwilling to help when someone is in need. This has nothing to do with egoism but with self-preservation.

Anyone who has been the victim of a scam knows how it feels and it infects you and everyone around you.

While a swindler enjoys extra income and a luxurious life, nobody pays attention to, cares about the many victims. Banks, (online) shops, insurance companies, the police, social workers, doctors, hospitals the scammer uses them all to generate an income. Interestingly, nobody says that a scammer is an egoist. The average scammer, like the average hacker, is never found let alone arrested. The only one to blame is the victim, that victim being called an egoist right before the scam happened.

In times of need, in times of war, we should help each other or?

These are difficult times and where there is fighting it is never the fault of one party. Since the Second World War, there has never been a moment of peace on earth. You may say: that person or those people are to blame, but it is not that simple.

No nation is only bad or good. Every nation is ruled by someone. I do not believe in democracy, especially when there is no right of referendum, when groups of people are considered inferior and human rights are ignored. I do not believe that the people have a voice in elections, that Amnesty International stands up for the rights of every human being, nor do I believe that we wish the best for each other. People are not humane, not group animals and do not fit into pigeonholes.

As soon as the rules imposed by powerful people are broken because there is a civil war, a blackout or famine, it is every man for himself. The film Blindness (2008) is a good example of this. As the viewer can see, the blind are not close, are not comrades and have no problem abusing, robbing or even murdering each other. Being social, being there for each other, comradeship and also religion are not important for those who live in a world where everything is collapsing.

In the film Blindness, it is also a virus that causes one to go blind and for many it will not be surprising that those who are infected are arrested, locked up and left to their fate.

Humanity, charity and comradeship are certain behaviour told to mankind, taught as the right thing to do but who benefits most of it?

Since the Second World War, there has not been a day of peace. Man always has a reason to persecute, cheat, rob, abuse or murder his fellow man.

Killing others in the name of a god, the country, own believes, norms and values, because of oil, gas, territory, weapons or money does not make the act a good one. It doesn't make one a good person.

When no one is willing to help, when there are no more comrades, the question is whether it is not because of ourselves. Out of jealousy and fear we can call others names (on social media), report them and have them arrested, but this does not make us being liked or more loved.

One day we may need someone and then apologies are too late because so much damage has already been done.

Every person is free to decide who they will help and who they will not. Those who do others good are all too often treated as losers and who refuses to help is not greedy or selfish. Perhaps these are wise people who no longer allow themselves to be exploited and who have learned some important life lessons, people who learned no one will ever help them. Scammers for example will never lift a finger to help someone else out. They simply do not care about how hard their victim works, stuggles, feels. If the victim takes his/her life he already found a substitute.

Let us not be hypocritical, after all, most of us never help a stranger, not even our own family we rather fight and humilate them.

Many comrades fight their way through life (literally or figuratively) or look down on others simply because it gives a thrill to manipulate, dominate and enrich oneself. While some play the better man even under the guise of the philanthropist, camaraderie and humanity is perishing. The only difference from a few years ago is that dictatorship, lying and fraud are now commonplace, just like rape and murder. No police officer arrests swindlers, rapists and murderers and no judge will convict them. Even incitement to hatred, discrimination, murder and war is allowed as long as it fits the manipulator's agenda.


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Avatar for wakeupkitty
Written by   853
3 months ago
Topics: Life, Lifestyle, 2022, War, Humanity, ...
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