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Once older you might discover that what you thought happened never did or it's worse than you remembered.

One of my memories is about walking out of kindergarten to my grandmother's house because my mother wasn't home.

Years later (about 40) I drove the distance by car. I can tell you I was shocked as I saw, through the eyes of an adult, the road I once took. What kind of mother lets such a young child (at most three years old) walk such a distance?

What wasn't true was that my mother wasn't home because she worked. My granny told me she did not during the period we lived at that place. I guess I never know what she did during the daytime. For sure she didn't visit friends or family.

I did with my eldest what I never did with my youngest.

Somehow I forgot to teach them how to ice-skate, ride a horse... I did my best though but in a way, it hurts I never came to it.

Last weekend we had a day out with the family.

Early in the morning, we visited a farmer's market which is only once a month. In the afternoon we visited a park where circus animals should live. They said they made a safari park out of it. Let's say the 'safari' is disappointing (no lions, tigers, bears, snakes, and so on) and the animals present all ate carrots which were sold to the customers. You could easily walk instead of driving a car or hopping on a train.


please, handover the carrots

The animals didn't look too healthy. I hope this is due to stress (the park opened two months ago) or because they are old.


We spent some time in a mini-zoo good enough to see the little (dwarf) pigs which bring back good memories of my pig and cuddling with a baby.


Once back home I shared some photos with my daughter and we talked about the fact the youngest never learned how to ice skate. When I was three years old I was on the ice already even without my parents. Being outside, and playing outside was normal.

"If you are Dutch you should learn how to ice-skate," I said.

"It's not as important as swimming and eating cheese", my daughter replied which is true but still...

We talked about horseriding and how we used to visit 'Ponypark Slagharen'. A pony came along with the cabin you rented. We had a great time outside surrounded by sand. My daughter loved it and that's why I went. I believe the youngest only been there once. My daughter said she felt bitter because the pony was too small and she couldn't ride it. She said I offered a bigger one for her but she refused because she wasn't allowed to ride through the entire park.

I can't remember this but it hurts me my child felt bitter and I believe in a way she still does otherwise she wouldn't have mentioned it or?


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You brought back old memories when I do go on excursions to historic places in school without my parent there.

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