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Change of temp - gardening again

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3 months ago
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Today passed by very fast which means it's late, too late but I decided to do what's on my list (no, not the hit list).

The temperature outside dropped for a short period but it's back to normal which is good for me. I already spent two nights underneath two blankets because I feel cold if I lay still. Although the temp is back (Summer temperature) the days are shorter which means not that many sun hours a day plus the sun doesn't show itself high in the sky (sunbeams behind a building won't warm up the house).

Summer passes by fast!

By now it's time to have a closer look at my plants. I can't say last season is a big success but I have some good news too. I have some seeds which can give me a harvest after summer at the start of the winter. I threw away the lousy cucumber plants and used them for these seeds. Fingers crossed I can harvest within a few weeks. I will be satisfied with one or two portions.


The seedlings so far look fine but later on they get in trouble. Because we had some rain in the past nights I covered the container for the night.

I read, didn't know that, pepper plants can survive the winter. I don't know yet how to make that happen since I do not have a warm room in my house only if I use the wood stove but I'm going to give it a try. If it comes to pepper I still have nothing (except for some flowers I wonder what went wrong the plants are tall and look fine).

A few plants I placed back where I started because there's a longer period of sun.



They say growing onions is easy.

Can be but not over here. Out of the kitchen scraps didn't work for me and the rest I planted in several ways. Most remained small, we're still small after 3-4 months. I removed a part (using them) and decided to dig out the rest later (you never know right). Guess what? They are growing new.

It's the same for the potatoes. Those great plants I grew out of parts of potatoes had nothing (same for the carrots) the plant potatoes only had a few small ones. I'm rarely eating potatoes so I left them in the ground. Well, these few small potatoes sprout again. I'll wait and see if I will have some potatoes after all.


I noticed the dill decided to grow again.

I doubt it's from its own seed can be the plant I cut off didn't die because of the sun. I already dried some dill. My plant didn't look too great but it's enough.

The two peppermint plants I bought last year are doing well. I bought one at the market this year (doesn't smell as great as mine) and I have four extra plants (it's easy) which are still small (pot is too small) and I replanted them this night. One in the garden I hope it will survive.

I already dried and stored peppermint and started to drink it again (during the summer water is good enough) plus picked a bunch to dry today. There's still enough to drink and I hope to pick more before the winter starts.


I think the soil is a bit poor (and easily changes into beton I did mix it) although, I'm not sure that's the main reason why I have such a small harvest. If I had to stay alive from it I would be dead by now.

By the way, you should see how fast trees, bushes, and plants (crops included) recover when it rains. Water from the tap is by far not as good. Strange, since my tap water comes out of my well (never used ice cold water).


Both my Mimosa Punica (no food) are still alive and about two weeks ago I noticed the first flower. It looks nice and if you see one you have to be quick. This flower "lives" for a day. It will be a challenge to keep both plants alive this winter. I don't know how yet. Perhaps I need to wrap them with something and cover them with a plastic bag? I saw how some do it with palm trees they keep in their garden. If Mimosa likes to be covered by a back, if the pepper plants will like it?

It is still summer but there is more work to be done in the garden every day. Because of the rain the weeds have come up and started to grow (I had pulled everything out) and it is now time to mow. Today I also started pruning. I hope to cut down a few dead trees and shrubs in the coming days.


To the grave of my beloved Baldr, I made a path today. This is the shorter route. I also started digging a second grave. If a wolf dies this winter, I want it to be buried so that I don't sit with a corpse for days because the soil is too hard.

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Avatar for wakeupkitty
Written by   853
3 months ago
Topics: Gardening, DIY, Lifestyle, Life, Diary, ...
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