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C-plan is waste

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9 months ago

What a waste and what a nonsense.
Germany claims to be the best, the number one if it comes to recycling plastic. Recycling? Over 64% is transported to other countries! Dumping your trash elsewhere isn't recycling. Interesting too is that the average German is good for at least 38+ kilograms of plastic a year! Can be by now it's even more since the lockdowns, restrictions all part of the C-plandemic didn't save the planet, the environment or controlled the climate. It made the earth an, even more, dirtier place. If you truly believe injection fluid, syringes, all those (PCR) tests, face masks, protective clothes (plastic, plastic and plastic), plastic bottles with disinfecting soap, medication, ventilators, all that extra transport, the building of hospitals, quarantine camps and testing locations (many of them never been used) are doing the environment, mother Earth good you are wrong. So are you if you believe we did something good by staying inside and getting depressed.

The pollution, CO2 didn't drop during lockdowns. It's a lie. It's been tested in big cities. Zero results were the result. Still, we tell ourselves we did something good and that flood happened for a reason. The reason for the flood wasn't an upset environment, the result of rain for weeks or months (not one single drop of rain fell) but the result of human hands (a hole in... does the trick). The fact many lost their homes and some extra fear was spread in 2021 was the only thing that counted. The truth? It partly came out but wasn't mentioned in headlines in the news. Why care? It's all about the result: spread fear and reign.
The CO2 isn't high and if it's inside. People aren't as healthy, hygienic and concerned as they claim to be. It's easier to blame someone else instead of asking yourself why you are out of breath, cough, can't taste cake. How come you still didn't lose weight after two years of plandemic and why you always catch a cold or the flu while others don't?

Back to plastic. We shouldn't use it and not end up with 38 kilograms a person a year. I say we but we isn't me. Not me and my family. I told you before I do not buy sealed cucumbers and avoid buying plastic. It doesn't always work out but I made that start years ago. Own bags, own spoon, own mug and if possible I buy products only. Only means without plastic, preferable whatever they are wrapped in. Why? Because everything I can't reuse or recycle is waste. Garbage is the waste I need to pay for. The more trash, the bigger the container and the more I need to pay.
I can tell you it's good to have a garden for compost to start with. I'm not collecting junk so I'm not the queen of waste but I do reuse what I have (clothes included till they are rags).

How can be measured how many kilograms of plastic an average citizen is good for? It will be hard unless you live in a country where everything is registered. In the former city I lived you needed a pass to open an underground container to dump your small bag with garbage in it. No garbage was collected at the homes. You had to take it over yourself. An interesting question is how this works out for the sick and elderly. Can they walk that distance carrying bags? For sure the city kept a close eye on how much weight of trash you dumped, the frequency and so on. If you think about it this already sounds like a smart-city activity.

If you are concerned about how to reduce your plastic to zero you are right. It will be a hard task. What exactly can be bought without plastic except for some fruits and vegetables?
Bread is sold in a plastic bag. Years ago you could ask for paper. Some butter is still sold in the paper. Milk, diaries are all sold in plastic or paper with plastic. Canned food: more and more tins have plastic on the inside. Pasta: plastic. Tea: plastic.
Still sold in paper bags are flour, sugar, oatmeal, semolina if you ask me those big food industries can do a way better job. It's questionable if paper is good for the environment but it can be reused plus paper isn't made out of trees only. It's easy to blame the consumer for the mountain of plastic he is good for but if it's hard or impossible to buy a product, even food, free from plastic which options are left? How come governments never care about all those companies who keep producing and using more plastic than any single person can handle? Blaming the buyer for all the waste is the world upside down. If I buy something the last thing I want to pay for is all those plastic materials I don't need and have to pay for again to get rid of.

A documentary showed me how plastic is collected and 'recycled' in Germany. It's interesting to see how what id collected is selected, crushed, melted and changed into a new product. Will this product be good for the environment? I don't think so. I learned from this documentary that most plastic is not recycled at all and those machines cannot recognize black plastic as such. So black (dark plastic) is a problem and so are lids, closed buckets with handles. Besides if it comes to plastic there are different qualities and it depends on the quality of which type can be (easily) recycled.

Plastic, you find it everywhere. It literally floats through the air. We breathe it in, eat and drink it which is a good reason for avoiding buying it.

If it comes to waste devices make a good number two. Big tech made it to get broke as soon as possible. It needs to be made cheap even if the price you pay suggests the opposite. A plastic cover doesn't necessarily mean it will break easily but it's not quality and unnecessary. Another documentary showed the three most used devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets). Smartphones are the number one if it comes to getting broke. Hardly anyone can do 5 years with the same phone. The minority has number three. Even expensive phones get broken, explode within 24 hours and although the buyer has a warranty he can drop dead. The service given turns out to be bad no matter if it's Samsung or Apple. It's a waste to invest in an expensive smartphone that's clear.
Laptops don't do any better (HP, Acer) and all brands (even all devices) seem to have something in common: battery issues.
It's clear what can't be repaired will be thrown away or ends up in the closet. Shouldn't all these devices be refurbished to save the planet instead of making new ones because Bill Gates latest update can not be used by an older device or of a broken battery or screen? It feels to me the average citizen is blamed and pays for what a small group of wealthy people decide.

Amazon... Do you know what happens with items sent back? They are not sold again but destroyed. I wonder why? In which way is it good for the environment to transport brand new items hundreds of kilometres only to destroy them? Why not start a secondhand shop, an outlet store, let people bid on it, give it to the poor for Christmas, or, or, or?

That air. I mean the air's quality you claim became so much healthier since the lockdowns. Are you sure about it or is it wishful thinking, a placebo effect?
I noticed it from day number one, I mentioned it before, and I kept asking my children why are there are so many aeroplanes in the sky! Where are all those planes go to if everyone needs to stay home if travelling is for the vaxxed only and in the future the elite only?
A Dutch minister mentioned before 2020 that the common man shouldn't have the right to fly. A sign not many took seriously but it's what we are heading to. The EU already took care of it. No short distance flights unless you are the president, a minister, a VIP or ... and have your own jet if not you have to take the train. The expensive train makes more people realize buying a car is not such a bad idea.

Those planes? They don't only fly where I live and it isn't my imagination. Those 'ghost flights' exist and will continue flying. A very bitter pill for everyone who is ordered to stay home, switch off the light and sit in the cold just to save the planet. A planet that will not be saved because those few BIGs do not care and will make the masses pay for their bad decisions.

"More than 100,000 "ghost flights" will sail over European skies this winter, according to recent analysis from Greenpeace. The climate damage, claims the environmental group, is "equivalent to the yearly emissions of more than 1.4 million cars."

The Greenpeace figures are extrapolated from a December interview with Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr in which he warned that Lufthansa Group was facing the prospect of 18,000 superfluous flights over the six-month winter season to retain its slots under European rules.

On the basis that Lufthansa's air traffic accounts for 17% of the European market, Greenpeace reckons the total number of Europe's ghost flights would generate 2.1 million tonnes of CO2."


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Written by   853
9 months ago
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Wow, so straightforward. Preach! Hahaha! Sa stores dito samin paperbag naman ang ginagmit sa groceries, tho di pa din maiiwasan because stuff like gatas, sabon, shampoo, they all come in plastic containers.:((

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9 months ago

Yes, that's the main problem. I reduced a lot by buying soap which is sold in the paper. Soap can be used for everything (washing detergent, body and hair included). The old fashioned washing cloth can clean you, a baby and your house too. I search for more sold in glass which is a start too. If we all do this those factories need to find another solution for how they sell their products.

I miss the old shops where I could fill my bottle or container with what I like to buy. At times I see it back in the shops but never for long.

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9 months ago

OMG, I am sorry! I did not notice I commented in my language! 😭 You might have had a hard time understanding. 😩

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9 months ago

Don't worry if I don't understand it I translate 💖🍀

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9 months ago