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Are you a bookworm or have you ever been one? If so, do you know why you liked to read?

From an early age, I read one book after another. Later, I often read two or three books at the same time. These books were then in different places. I've never really used a bookmark. I prefer to keep a book tidy and bookmarks are often thick. Dog ears, folding the ends of a page, I don't like that either. I just remember the page number or the page where I left off.

The best books for me are the ones with stories in which I lose myself. I participate in the story and am drawn into that other world. I don't have to buy an interactive book for that. A good writer knows how to grab and hold attention and put the imagination to work.

A good writer to me is not an author who describes every little detail, no matter how insignificant. Personally, I don't like to read how a dry, red-tinted leaf slowly whirls down and just as it wants to hit the ground is blown away by an easterly wind. Boring, that's what I call it and as soon as an author starts filling pages with this, I stop or leaf through very quickly.

When I read, have to read every detail described in detail, I get annoyed and bored.

Whoever describes every detail has no respect for the reader, his intelligence and fantasy wrote the author Jerry Jenkins once. As far as I'm concerned, he's right. There is no room left for my own imagination when I am presented with everything in detail.

I want to decide for myself what the main character looks like based on behavior and the described situation.

At school, attention was paid to many books during language lessons. Not everyone reads it, of course. Why would you when you can copy someone else's book report or watch the movie (the internet didn't exist then, but there were excerpt books published for students containing reviews about the best-known books in literature). The teacher was not stupid. He knew all those excerpts, including what had been written by students in previous years, but he also knew the film versions of the books.

Anyone who reads books and watches films based on books knows that a film adaptation seldom corresponds exactly to the written word.

Anyone who had never read the book but has read the film does not know that and falls short with his book report.

To point this out to the students, the teacher first had the book read and write a report about it. Then the whole class went to watch the movie. The next assignment was to write a report about the film and list all the differences. So you had to watch very consciously and, if possible, take notes while watching the film.

I've always liked reading and it was quite normal back then. I find it sad that so few people read, hardly anyone can read with comprehension, take the trouble to read more than the clickbait title let alone look for more information. We never got more than a week to read a book.

I also like watching movies, but I've learned that if I read the book first and then see the movie, I'm almost always disappointed. It is therefore better to do it in reverse order. By the way, there are good books with terrible film adaptations, but also bad books that have been used for good films.

For me, boring, incomprehensible, whiny books are Winnie the Pooh and Alice in Wonderland, In the Name of the Rose. Thanks to the film adaptation, these have become much more popular, although you will not find the original books on my bookshelf.

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