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The best invention?

Is it the mousetrap or Pied Piper? Water closet or the light bulb? Farm boot or bed? When it comes down to it, everything is a great invention and is not one that has not affected the life of man.

Do you already have a toilet, the interviewer asked me a few weeks ago.

A toilet is not standard for those who live in our area. There won't be many who want to trade with us. No toilet, no kitchen, no hall, no TV. How can modern man live such a life?

Of course, we also want the luxury of a warm house, hot water from the tap, a toilet that can be flushed at the touch of a button, a stove connected to the gas mains, and a house that is entirely open. The way we live is not a voluntary choice and we are indeed depending, if it comes to luxury, on electricity. Without electricity, we don't have a drop of water. The hand pump that we bought is now dry again. The well was probably never drilled properly.

We regularly have a blackout, indeed no power. A few hours of no power is not so much the problem as the power that keeps jumping on and off. Equipment breaks down from this and if that happens regularly, you will eventually no longer purchase it. The more electronics that are built in, the sooner something is broken. High-tech is not for us.

Yes, we have a toilet I say, we can even flush it now. We flushed it with a bucket of water. It's nice that you can do your needs while sitting, even if it's in the cold, but it's even nicer that buckets of water don't have to be filled all the time. Filling and lifting buckets of water you feel in your back and to save the back, the toilet is flushed less. Nowadays we flush less to save water because water needs electricity.

For years I mop floors with cold water. That works great, it just takes longer before the floors are dry, but you get used to that too. I never get used to wet socks, by the way. Socks could be a good invention if they were warm. No matter what kind of socks I buy, they never turn out to be warm. The last 2 copies would be good to minus 25 degrees. Whoever came up with that definitely doesn't live here. I can guarantee those socks won't keep your feet warm. Not even at 7 degrees Celsius.

You get cold feet off the floor, I read.

So to keep your feet warm you have to keep them off the floor. Up with it. The footstool would therefore be a good invention. My grandmother had a stew, I used to have one too. Some glowing coals in it, feet on it and they stay warm. Also a good invention. Oddly enough you don't see those things anymore just like the bedpan. The bedpan is a copper pan with a lid in which warm coals go. The pan has a long wooden handle that you slide into the bed. Also a good invention and a beautiful one too. Too bad you only see the bedpan in museums.

There are many good inventions, but the mousetrap is definitely not. Mousetraps cost money and you rarely catch a mouse. What you don't catch mice with is cheese. A mouse once lived in our house. He wrecked quite a bit before he was finally caught. The rodent probably came to our house through the neighbours and the attic. He didn't walk upstairs but up the walls. You don't want mice pee and poop in your house and mice gnawing everywhere is no fun either. I may have also caught a mouse with glue that you can use to catch mice. Most mice don't fall for that nonsense. You're better off putting down bags of poison or poison with peanut butter. Only mouse Jerry doesn't ignore cheese.

Recently I received a package that had been chewed on by mice. The storage space of is clearly infested with vermin. The rat had eaten through the box and through the packaging of what was inside. What did this rat choose? Plastic-wrapped cake with marzipan. Both the plastic and the cake had been eaten and not much was left. So the mousetrap has clearly not been a good invention, just like that glue with which you are supposed to stick mice. A bit pointless too, because with that you don't eradicate nests of mice or rats. A better invention is poison, though a cat that hunts is more useful. A cat is not a new invention, but it is newer than the ferret. Ferrets were first kept indoors to repel rats and mice (no, ferrets are not rodents and they don't gnaw anything), and then the cat came.

I am not allowed that daily (hot) water, a great electricity network, good internet, television, radio, and an asphalt road in front of the door, but I do have a cat that hunts. The animal is a foundling and has already delivered us from a number of pigeons. With a bit of luck, there will be no nuisance from pigeons in the spring. Two days ago there was a decapitated rat. I just throw all those decapitated animals (pigeons and rats) over the partition on the compost heap. I suspect that the cat eventually eats them up because later they disappeared without a trace and now and then he looks like he is heavily pregnant much to the amusement of the youngest.

The best invention since the mousetrap in 1880? I would not know. For me, the best inventions are what are so normal for many. Water, sewage, electricity. lighting (I don't need LED or energy-saving light bulbs, they are always broken in a short time) and of course the water closet (toilet) and my bed. I think it's a luxury to just be able to stretch out even though I can't last for hours.

Perhaps the best invention since the mousetrap is a fleece blanket. This blanket is lightweight, warm and dries quickly after washing.

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