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10 months ago
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It's no secret bond if women are sold, forced into it, dominated.
Not if men get drunk, say my wife doesn't understand me and refuse to be home.
There's no love, no bond if women's needs are ignored
As long as partners don't hear the needs,
keep lifting their hand, fighting each other till the bitter end.

There's no bond if there's no respect, caring, understanding,
if selfishness, manipulation and hate reign day and night.
It's a big trap once neverending threats are common ground, became the new normal instead of honour your wife, honour your man.

How can I have that ambition? To join that old norm just like faith withered long ago.
As a young child I thought it would be the normal thing to do even though my parents fought.
It was daily war at home.
Even during the nights they wouldn't leave me alone.
Not one single day or night without fear.

Their promise, ambition, to love, honour, respect each other,
their word given twice, even in church meant nothing.
The good times turned out to be very short.
All those bad times weren't planned, always started by themselves.

Marriage did not have a happy end.
Not for the wife or the children. Theybwere abandoned to create that for the man.
A man who's word meant nothing. He had other plans.

How I wished to be normal back then but I can't.
It's impossible to fit into the given standard so I won't.
I paid the price for other's their broken dreams, my parent's, my grandparent's and will forever.
I am abandoned, disrespected, called evil, I'm fought and neglected.

no Marriage
Matrimonial ambitions for me.
I ended the days and nights of suffering for me,
the endless fights, the poisoned circle of life.
It's not meant to be, it's not normal, there's no need to be someone else's slave, possession black sheep.

The institution that disappoints people
Good for fights, scolding, unsafe homes, murder, unwanted children.
All those abandoned, left wives who can never start a new life.
Hurt, molested, homeless, lost, mentally sick children.
Tell me, is it worth the escape, did you improve your life?

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10 months ago
Topics: Ambition, Life, November, 2022, Writing, ...


In marriage there should be strong communication and understanding between the two partners to ensure a strong bond with each other

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10 months ago

True my friend. There's no bonding if the two don't have an understanding each other, cared for each other.

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