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2 months ago

His father died and so did her mother and guess what? It was not because of the coronavirus but because of the restrictions or other health issues. I wrote it before. It's allowed to die of everything just not of covid-19.

A lot is going on in the country. In my case the Netherlands and no, our government didn't plan anything. We are doing fine but the virus is a great way to lock people in, make them stay home, and tell them not to travel. It all fits which is the sad thing about it. No, I am not saying this virus doesn't exist but the facts, the real facts if it comes to our country, are different from what the media tell us.

Our prime minister does shake hands right after he announced we better do not. Since Tuesday, December 15, 2020 face masks are required in shops and at those places where social distance is impossible (the trains, busses, etc are as narrow as before and you are still in it like cattle). At the moment the prime minister is asked if he will wear a face mask he hesitates.

Hesitation if it comes to the advice and in some cases law, is what we see with many people. Doctors, specialists, advisors of the government included. There is no proof a face mask helps. Most people use a filthy one and they are not clinically tested and approved. It is a cheap product that is delivered and it made the government angry as they saw their huge order. Those who fabricated them did good business and don't care.

Schools are open, schools are closed, and (partly) open again. It's winter and no matter how cold it is the windows remain open. Winter oat, beanie, gloves in the classroom (how hygienic is that?) and half-frozen if the day is over. Suddenly the government and teachers 'care' about the air and ventilate. For many years, over 100 years, no one did, and believe me at my time the air was filthy too. We yawned a lot and it smelled terrible at times. Children and teenagers don't smell great neither do old teachers, especially not those who smoke.

Besides the schools, restaurants, musea, churches, the cinema and zoo had to close, change, could be open, should be closed... No carnival, fancy fair, Christmas, fireworks, New Year's Eve and watch my words no Eastern either.

Will this lockdown ever end?

Doctors and specialists are concerned. The nation changed into a bunch of depressed, fat people no longer taking care of themselves and no, mister president they don't have the energy to take care of others they are too busy to find a way to survive or. .. a way to commit suicide. The caring is over. A good reason for those health caretakers to start a foundation. Why? Because they want to put a hold on spreading fear and don't see any need for a lockdown. According to these doctors, 98% of all the infected people never end up in hospital! Mark only 2% does and of that 2% a few end up on the IC.

What's going on? Why does the government not invest in preventing people from going to the hospital by investing in good health?
Vitamin D3, zinc, and ivermectin seem to give good results (other doctors say aspirin, iodine, malaria tablets do too and dexamethasone is given once you end up in hospital).
All these cheap ways of treatment are forbidden (there are more) by the government and these specialists wonder why. House doctors can help their own clients.

Why a lockdown?

'To avoid more people end up in hospital', is what 'the government' says.
Can we avoid people who do not end up in the hospital? The fact is you are already not welcome. It's corona patients younger than 70 years old only, which makes me wonder why these people are more important than other patients.

'We better get used to the death, dying is normal', the foundation says. 'If people are forced to stay in they will only get depressed, fat, and the lack of vitamins D increases. There's more than not dying of covid-19 which is the quality of life. Ask yourself what the country will look like in five years '

What will the nation look like? If you ask me the number of elderly people will be drastically reduced and with them the average age and the gross national product. The economy will be broken and by now we know five years of social help means a life standard far below the minimum income.

A minister spoke his concern out in the second chamber.

Not only about the health of the nation but also the economy. He too stated there is no reason for a lockdown, to close everything except supermarkets, pharmacies, and drugstores. Those three shops sell way more than bread, water, soap, and medication. They will do great business while the rest goes bankrupt which is unfair and cannot be explained.

Interesting is to hear the real numbers if it comes to how many die of covid-19. It is not even 35 against 250 people who die of cancer and about the same amount dies of the flu. This year, not more people died than last year.

Again I ask you what is going on? It sounds like 'follow the leader' but it feels like the Kallergi plan.

Will the EU still be there in five or ten years?

We hardly hear anyone about a Nexit or other exit but it isn't as shiny as it is. The countries of the EU are not united. They scold each other, point fingers, blame each other, and use the neighbor country for a great example while putting down their people. No matter if it comes to our country or abroad there is no alliance. We can not stand each other.

Countries talk about each other and want to 'protect' their own borders. Suddenly the invasion, of those once called 'refugees', is a danger because of terrorism, we (the government) do no longer want them.

The countries in the east stick together. The money given by the EU is accepted but they do not want Brussel to rule them. They focus on Russia and China and some even refuse to buy the vaccine made in the UK.

Vaccinations against the coronavirus.

Of course, it is a mess, chaotic, and the 11 million vaccines ordered are off the road, at least for the moment, perhaps by the end of 2021 the company is ready to present something better, safer. No need to cry there are 200 developers and by the time they all made their own vaccine the virus mutated again. Mutation doesn't seem to be a problem. According to some other specialists, the present vaccine can easily be changed and it doesn't change your DNA... True or not true? If a chronic disease changes DNA why should a vaccination that must be repeated while it might only be effective for some weeks not?

We know the governments of the EU promised to compensate those who will have health damage due to this vaccination. I would say, 'be aware and prepared.'

Who goes first?

About one week ago it was announced the elderly and handicapped people staying in nursery homes will and after them the health caretakers.
What a 'surprise" it was to read today from January 4th, 2021 on invitations will be sent to the caretakers first. From January 11 three vaccination stations will be there and one week later 25. This means those who like to be vaccinated need to call to make an appointment, get into their car and drive a distance (I bet most options are in the bigger cities in the west of the country).
The GGD isn't ready yet and they are the ones who have to arrange it.

Those who will be vaccinated will not receive any confirmation of it. The GGD has to register it and if the own doctor knows about it it's enough. It sounds strange to my ears. Mistakes are easily made, besides not everyone will receive the same vaccine which already sounds strange to me and what if you like to travel?

The vaccination we talk about is expensive to buy (the pharmaceutical industry blooms again) but free for those who want one. The question is if it is useful. Not a single one is tested yet by us and we do not know what the effects are in long term or for example if it comes to pregnancies. The only thing we know is this is gonna cost us an awful lot of money for a vaccine that won't work long and you cannot pick the one you trust most.

I still don't know anyone infected, neither do my children, their friends or mine. So far it was school, busses, work, shopping and contacts with many.

I read long lists of those who deceased but there wasn't one single person who was not overweight, had high blood pressure, diabetics, cancer in the last stage, serious liver failure (alcoholism), etc. Specialists said the amount of people infected with the coronavirus suffering from asthma is extremely low. They expected the opposite.

Many of those I know are exhausted. They have autoimmune diseases, some are diabetics, and a few have cancer. Not one of them has been ill and I wonder how come?

Back to the foundation: I agree we should invest in good health, stop spreading fear and go for those treatments house doctors can subscribe too and avoid people go to the hospital in the first place, and... get used to the fact we die. This coronavirus is not the first virus, not the only one, and will not be the last one. It should not be used as an excuse to forbid everything. Some people prefer a short real life above growing old locked in.

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Written by   554
2 months ago
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