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A piece of cake

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That's what this cake is if I may believe what those who already made it call it. It's a piece of cake. If not it is at least the most frequent cake baked in our (Dutch) bakeries and supermarkets sell them too. The HEMA is well-known because of their whipped cream pies. The whipped cream pie is the most famous, original birthday pie in the Netherlands. For your information: it is not as expensive as most pies. A simple pie made out of what is officially called 'Moskovisch gebak'.

This cake, Moscovisch gebak' is the basis for the pie. Once baked you can save it in the fridge or freezer. The cake is different from ordinary cakes like the pounder. This one is easier to digest. More eggs, fewer flour, and no butter are needed to make it soft and light.

Ingredients needed:

6 egg yolks + 50 grams of sugar (stir for about 10 minutes au bain Marie which means you put your bowl above or in one with warm water)

6 egg white + 50 grams of sugar (stir till it peaks)

150 grams of flour

A bit salt

90 grams of melted real (grass) butter (optional)


Whipped cream + vanilla sugar

Oven: 180°C

Time: 35 minutes

You can use the baking mould you like. My pie will be round. Good for 12 pieces (depends on how much you eat Add baking paper to the bottom. If the cake is ready first open the door of your oven a bit. After 10 minutes you take it out of the oven and the mould. Cold it cuts better some say after 12 hours it's easier. I don't wait that long because I need this birthday cake today. If you baked it well it isn't sticky and it doesn't stick to your baking mould.

After the children came out of school and after we had a light dinner (cheese and meat) I finished the cake.

I cut it, horizontally, into two pieces and put jam on it. Next, I placed the top back on the cake. Usually, these cakes have three layers. One with jam/marmalade and one with whipped cream.

I used about 300 grams of cream. Simply whip it with vanilla sugar. You can use ordinary sugar too but this is too sweet for me. In the old days, bakeries used 200 grams of sugar for one litre of cream. Today it's about 100 grams at most and I didn't even add that amount. What counts is it tastes for you.

I didn't use as much whipped cream just covered the pie with it. At the top and all around. Once again this is whipped cream, not egg white. Whipped cream can get spoiled which means this pie needs a fridge if you do live in a warmer area than I do or have no cool place to store it till you eat it.

After I covered the pie with whipped cream I used chocolate sprinkles for the side. Usually, crunchy almonds or nuts are used but if it comes to it you can use what you like. Those colourful toppings on ice creams for example or grated chocolate. Be creative with what you have. Cookie crumbs can make it special too.

I decorated my birthday pie with chocolate whipped cream. It's not as dark as I would have liked it to be but the taste is fine.

Originally, the Dutch whipped cream cake is decorated with white whipped cream and pieces of fruit like banana, pineapple and strawberries. You might find some chocolates on top too.

Is this cake a piece of cake?

This was my second try. The first one I made the day before and it looked completely different. It was what we call a 'misbaksel'. We are it just like that which wasn't bad but kind of frustrating. It's not said it will look perfect on the first try but the recipe above (split the eggs first) does make a difference. My children loved it and said this was the best pie they ever had. Good enough to try the chocolate cake for the next birthday coming up.

Worried about calories? Indeed there are in it but if it comes to carbohydrates you have nothing to worry. Eggs, cream and butter have zero carbohydrates and instead of sugar you can use a sweeter too.

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Written by   841
1 year ago
Topics: Cooking, Baking, Recipe, DIY, Homemade, ...
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