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A new nation out of free will, love

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5 months ago
Topics: Freewriting, Life, Freewrite, EU, Thoughts, ...

Are people willing to work together? It's hard to tell. Wars are fought, we love to bully and dictate others and even within our family it's hard to live in harmony, to respect our child, sibling or aunt for who s/he is. We want it our way and that's the main reason why a union, the EU, is doing as great as she pretends. If you go for the "together we are strong" you need to make that clear, be able to show the benefits. Not in ten or twenty years but as soon as possible.
Ideas whereas the EU started, as the euro was introduced and those promises made at that very moment, promises made to the common people those who pay the high bill, never came true. Till today we do not know what exactly this extremely expensive membership brought us. If that happens it should be a clear signal to the government and they should act. The Dutch government knows, the former president Rutte even said once "the people don't know what the EU is good for we need to make that clear now," but after having said that nothing happened and some years have passed.

It's not done, not allowed to say the EU is a waste of money, the EU brought us nothing. If you say that you always receive the same answer "thanks to the EU there are no wars". It's the strangest answer I ever heard. Before the EU the same wars and hate and envy existed as from the moment on we are united. The EU didn't stop any wars on the contrary. She started childishly actions against those who do not bend for Brussel's will, who wants to get out or has an opinion of his own. The people are forced into a union that claims to be good for them but at times it feels like the mob. You pay for some favours but the longer you stay the more you have to give in and are forced to give up on your own norms, values, the principles important to you just like your own culture and history.

The promises made, to us the people, at the time the EU started were:
- one coin (no need to change your money if you travel),
- open borders, no checkpoints (easy travelling),
- everywhere within the EU the same prices (no matter where you are an apple costs 50 cents everywhere).

Nothing of these covenants turned out to be true. Transferring money to a bank account abroad became even harder and came with high costs (IBAN did not exist at that time),  the checkpoints at the borders remained just moved a few kilometres (exception between the Benelux and the smaller borders into Germany), the price differences only increased. With the introduction of the euro, we lost about 30% of our money. We were fooled in every way.

As years passed by it became clear Brussel wants us all to give up on our culture, our history and has her own plan. Not a secret one since they mentioned it but since most people don't read or invest time to figure out what it contains no one knows they use the Kallergi-plan. Wiping out all cultures creating a new human race and you have your key to a new empire, a new world power. Such a world power isn't meant to keep the peace but to fight and dominate the others. Those who are seen as a threat and therefore the enemy.

Like we all know the European countries who do not join the EU are doing better if it comes to their economical situation than those who do. Another interesting aspect is we trade and there are trade agreements which means there is a life without the EU (we all know but our government lives to make us believe there is not). That this is possible proves the UK.

Agreements can always be made and should be made in the interest of the people. Each nation has the right to be proud of its own culture and history. It's not about good or bad but about people who crossed boundaries, set goals, dared to try, used different ways and achieved something all benefit from.

If we start a new human race we should do this because we, the people, want it. Not because Kallergi thought it was a great idea, Hitler tried it and the EU so badly finally wants to finish the job.

A world build out of differences, varied cultures likes and love creates a stronger bond than one build on fear, rape, and murder. History already showed which huntings aren't the way.

There's no benefit of a union, a new empire if people hate each other because they are not allowed to be proud of who they are and are even killed for it. The only way is a natural way. It takes time and many governments fought marriages between different races but in my opinion, a new nation can only be successful if it's born out of free will and love since overcoming differences does need something extra.

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Written by   734
5 months ago
Topics: Freewriting, Life, Freewrite, EU, Thoughts, ...
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Good morning Miss, we were totally unaware of what is happening in the European Union, it is incredible how a "solution" can become a big problem, when nowadays everyone should be more united, as the brothers and sisters that they are, as you well mention, Envy still exists.

Now, you are very right, for there to be another humanity, for there to be progress, we have to accept the diversity that exists in the world, the differences, if that does not happen we will not be doing anything new, and history will continue to repeat itself, we do not understand why people are still blinded by ignorance, and that is the mistake of not sitting down to read, not to investigate and just repeat what they put on social networks or what they say in the newspapers. The future will tell what will happen with the EU member states but the citizens are the ones who will have the last voice, of which direction they will take, greetings Miss, great writing.

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5 months ago

As long as we are allowed to be different, to have our own culture and history it will work but not if we are forced to be one. A smart leadership would see that and take advances of it.

If it comes to knowing... No one knows what goes on for real abroad. We know how the media paints it, what the subjective bureau "Reuters" allows. All owned by a few wealthy men who oven have governments in their pocket.

Let's hope the people will have the last voice although I doubt it after generations being brainwashed to think how teachers/the government wants them to think.

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5 months ago


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5 months ago