A cat in a bag

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I thought she would but looking back the only one who changed was me. How could I be so stupid? Grandmother would say I am too naive and believe too easily what everything is said.
The man who said he was in pain and tried to rape me, the beggar in the street who robbed, my father's promises who always turned out to be wild fantasies and fake and so had I fallen for the weeping woman standing at a grave. She looked helpless and lost.
Most of those visiting graves are lost, lost souls, grandmother had said, there's no reason to hang around at places like these. This is not the place to be close to the deceased why are you here? All those souls had never been in the graveyard in their entire lives go somewhere that was dear to them if you want to remember and feel close. You have your memories, and items, this is not the place to be.
Now I know but now it is too late. I couldn't help to notice the lady who cried and made the entire atmosphere change. The tears formed a cloud around here that became darker and darker. Like a whirlwind, it circled above her head and I admit it fascinated me. Was she mother Nature or a modern weatherwoman? Had this been the trick for all those ages, no dancing with drums or offerings to please the weather gods but the weeping of a lost woman standing at the grave of...
I did a few more steps forwards and tried to read the name on the white, shiny stone she was standing in front of. Who was worth all those tears and changed the weather?
Don't say I didn't warn you grandmother's said. I could hardly hear her voice because of the feeling and the clouds swirling above the woman's head. She intrigued me and granny, well I have known her my entire life and knew what she would say with every step I take. I didn't ask her to stay, didn't wave as she floated away. My life, my mistakes to make. It's only humans or is it karma like some belief in faith or say no matter what we do we cannot change our destiny?
I admit at that moment I forgot every warning ever given to me. If you are standing at the sideline you recognize the scam immediately. She wasn't mourning, there was no grieving and the lost feeling felt in the air around here was a tool to attract kind and helpful people. Kindness, attentive, and empathetic are parts of me at least that was me till my body was taken by a different soul.
I remember how she smiled at me, her eyes focused on me. It took you longer than expected she said. For a moment I wondered about the whirlwind above her head.
Eeyore had a dark cloud if he was depressed I thought in a flash.Β 

It doesn't hurt but you need to share till we are home, she said. Such a lovely voice, no trace of sadness, I thought, how odd. In a flash, I thought about the story of me as a toddler. What did she do to me?
Did you forget, she said, my dear, it's Halloween you did this to yourself. Gently she hooked her arm through mine and guided me away from the headstone I still wasn't able to read. Who's grave we were standing at? It won't hurt, she babbled on but I wasn't so sure. Pain is a personal experience granny always said, no one can feel what you are feeling. I felt dizzy and found it hard to gather my thoughts.
Are you satisfied dear, I heard her saying but it wasn't my voice answering.
Couldn't you have found a different body, a deep voice said.
What is wrong with this one, she said followed by a buster of laughter, you are pretty and now you can be female for a change, or if you like I can change you into a gender-neutral...
Don't fuck with my brain!
Let's go home dear and drink on this victory.
In a way, I felt under pressure but I couldn't say anything or steer my limbs. I had to go home with the weeping woman I couldn't have left alone.
Curiosity killed the cat, grandmother would say and that is exactly what happened. The cat was dead, came at the end of his nine lives and the body became mine.
At least I no longer need to shave my legs, or need a manicure or pedicure I thought as I tried to feel comfortable in my new body while I hid in a paper bag for the new owner of my body. He wasn't too happy with what was provided and she never answered his question about why she chose me.
Get used to it and stop wrecking the place was all she said. Her eyes spat fire and lighting was shooting out of them hitting him right into his face.
My lovely face!
It's November first so no way back, she continued, behave or this time I kill you myself.
Can she do that? Would it hurt my gorgeous body? I might find out but for now, I rather stay in this paper bag. As long as I'm not in her way she won't hurt me. Perhaps she gives me my body back I purred and fell asleep since the old cat's body needed its rest.

Dutch saying Een kat in de zak means A cat in the bag meaning what you received/bought is bad/disappointing.

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People try to take an advantage of others when they get to know that you’re very easy to be manipulated byπŸ˜’πŸ˜’.And you being the naive type easily fall for their trap even though you were warned by other people. At the end of it all is when you are able to see the real snake behind their innocent faceπŸ˜–.And the worst part is you being told by your closed ones that when you were warned by us you refused to listen πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”.This is the greatest pain others go through when they find the wrong people πŸ˜”πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

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