10 Things You Should Know About Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4

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I've gathered all you need to know about the new season of Call of Duty: Mobile and the "80s Action Stars" event in 10 items.

Welcome to the Wild West with "The Rebel and the Furious", the fourth season of Call of Duty: Mobile. The new season of the game released last time; Introduced an updated multiplayer map, new featured game modes, new weapons, the iconic Heart Rate Sensor, Hawk X3 Score Series, Weapons Workshop 2.0, Clan Wars, new events, median readings, and new battle pass with 50 tiers.

So I gathered all you need to know about the new season of the game and the "80s Action Stars" event in 10 items;

1. The game's story continues in the Wild West

Hidora Kai was taken aboard General Shepherd's ship, but a new enemy Operator was sent to rescue her. Meanwhile, the UAC team encounters the Knights Templar in Texas for intel on Russell Adler's whereabouts.

2. Free Battle Pass Rewards

Mark your enemies and rain fire from above as you use the new Hawk X3 Scorestreak unlocked at level 14. At level 21, earn the fast-firing, lever-action MK2 sniper rifle, the perfect weapon for sniper cowboys. Other free battle pass items include seasonal talismans, profile cards and thematic camouflages.

3. Premium Battle Pass Rewards

Get Alex's new thematic costume, new Razor blade camo, and other exclusive content with exclusive battle pass contents. As you progress through the tiers, unlock Morte's new skin, the exclusive MK2 weapon skin, the lasso victory move, COD points, and more.

4. Updated Map and Mods: Dome, Capture Gold, 1v1 Duel

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's iconic Dome multiplayer map is coming to the mobile version of the game. Fight at this military radar station set in the middle of the desert, where you'll face danger at every turn, whether you're passing containers in the center, the radar tower or abandoned offices.

In the Capture Gold event, grab the enemy's gold and return it to your base before they take yours. In this customized version of the Capture the Flag game mode, players killed by a gold bearer will drop buffs that can be used to gain an advantage over the enemy.

Showcase your skills in the upcoming 1v1 Duel mode later in the season. The first to reach seven kills will win the round; win three rounds and the win is yours. We are optimizing some Prop Hunt features in this game mode as well as adding the Coastal and Tunisia maps.

5. New Season Missions: Earn Heart Rate Sensor and Holger 26

Track your enemies with the Heart Rate Sensor, available at the start of Season 4 in a new Seasonal Challenge. Remove the Heart Rate Sensor instead of the tactical bomb and scan for nearby enemies every few seconds. You can't shoot while looking at the sensor, so time your actions accordingly.

A new LMG enters the field! Holger 26, the second new functional LMG to debut in Call of Duty: Mobile, comes with another challenge later in the season. Equip different magazines and barrels to dramatically change the weapon's capabilities, giving you the flexibility to fight on your own terms. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the new secondary melee weapon, the Sickle.

6. Weapon Balances and Weapons Workshop 2.0

Season 4 brings a full weapon balance update with changes across all weapon categories to better enable each weapon type to better fulfill its unique role. This update strengthens SMGs at close ranges, stabilizes assault rifles at mid-range, balances the accuracy and damage efficiency of LMGs, and optimizes additions to sniper and sniper rifles.

Alongside the weapon balances update, with the introduction of Weapons Workshop 2.0, Players will be able to customize their weapons with more features and content.

7. Battle Royale Vehicle Optimizations

The new season also brings balance optimizations, including improved durability for motorcycles, off-road and assault vehicles in Battle Royale mode. With the improved acceleration in off-road vehicles, you will be able to move comfortably from higher hills and you will also be able to use new tank operations that can be selected under vehicle settings.

8. Compete in Clan Wars and World Championship 2021

The new Clan Wars feature offers a completely new way to compete. Battle five other clans in six-day tournaments, fighting for control of various points (each with a different assigned mission) on a hill map. Earn Clan Points based on your clan's individual node performance and progress through a progressive league system to earn rewards.

Stay tuned for more on Clan Wars as we approach the start of Season 4.

Ranked mode fans are geared up to compete in Ranked Series 2: World Championship 2021, which runs from May 26 to the end of July.

9. Chase the Fugitives with the "Noon Chase" Event

The fugitives are on the run in the Noon Big Bang event and it's up to you to bring them to justice. Play Multiplayer and Battle Royale matches to fuel up and chase away bad guys at multiple locations with it. Earn special rewards at the end of each chase, such as the Tengu - Black Gold Operator skin and Echo - Steam Clock Weapon Plan.

10. Take the Action to the Top with the '80s Action Stars" Event

Call of Duty: Mobile peaked the excitement with "80s Action Stars" and special tournaments, the limited-time multiplayer event it brought to the game on May 20. Players could play as John Rambo and John McClane, iconic characters from the famous Rambo and Die Hard movie franchises, in the "Exploding Weapons" mode.

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