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Why did you leave me alone? || Original Poem

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7 months ago

Will you be the women

Who will wait

That you return towards,

Your wound will become character of sensation

In our memory you will be a song several songs,

They will be beautiful, in your soul, as many pictures will be ...

smashed the sign of your former love

Will love you, your dream will leave in your bedroom

Your soft touch again in your wish

One day from the last line of love, my passenger

Again you again back to the stage

While ending your journey-

For their longing

Once the day of your shouting will come again.

I will not be a man before those women,

Like I will not be your first man.

False hopes and expectations

There is no one in the world.

Still, we will enter into different odours

We can not do anything else,

Some are not in the journey ,

Love remembers like an accident,

Until the next accident

Over the time the wounds are filled,

Our neighbours avoids these trues, finding ace, Will burn in the sun.

Love and poetry

We will forget that right and wrong

Just a lover is the ultimate goal.

We will run,

A ideal woman sitting on the war,

Rebellion from the whole world opened your arms for us

One bedroom is the most inside of the self-induced caves

Where you are confused with her waist.

Life does not put anything in our evening bag, and the palate of the ideal

Only conflicts the taste of conflict.

Our purpose is to love and war-

The day will start with the same resolution.

I have seen few times inside me

The wall of your arrogance

As soon as standing,

Any wave inside me raises,

And very far which is the ocean

She wants to get it.

There is no bridge on the Sea,

You wait like an sloth

Remember that I also wait,

All the sun and the moon passed,

Wet wet and drying,

Looking for shadows

Even after the collection of memory defects,

Kissing the ears of every other woman,

Returns it again and again.

Small fervour of the crowd,

Stick on the soul like a

And the diligence of solitude, the flutter is fluttering,

Returning to the soil, the growing soil, which was sunny

A thick wave of blood,

And three hundred people, my soul

Return out,

The crowd, calm,

Every time that nothing changes,

Conflict without the noise of the filter and all sounds.

A fierce storm comes and my ship has such a threat

Believe the water is the sin of ours

Dragged repeatedly and we repeatedly surrendered.

I'm a sailor, my walk is made up - no cravings

Like in Greek oceans , the pseudo of water is quite.

Still waiting for you

Because the purpose of the burning nights in the light of the lamp is,

Because yellow sunlight and rain did not see any other way,

Because my soul is silly, from my skin,

Whenever there is hurt, I feel that

I will see the sky when I got tired in the desert,

Whenever my palms will be hired,

I will not have to scream up the head

Why did you leave me alone?

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Written by   3
7 months ago
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