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What does 'COMPANION' Mean to You?

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9 months ago
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a person who is frequently in the company of, associates with, or accompanies another:

'Campanion' may have different meaning and forms in everyone's life but we do always have a companion in our lives. It's is one of the most important aspects and requirement of being human. It may be a person or a thing or even the person himself. Yeah that's true, I think the biggest companion of a person is the person himself.

Companionship is very necessary to live in this world, even if some of us feel they don't want to but still it is needed. We can seek companionship in people, animals, nature, non-living objects🙄. Yeah you heard me right, non-living objects, Isn't your Phone, Laptop, Car, Even your Coffee Mug is your Companion.

Also Don't you think Hive, POB and Social Blockchain are our Companions too?

For me Companion is anything that makes my life easier, smooth and better. It never lets me feel alone and dejected. It keeps pushing me, it cheers me up. It makes me laugh, happy and stronger. I can say Companionship is the mixture of love and friendship.

Let's examine companionship through the various stages of life:

When a child is born, it is a blessing and fortunate moments for parents. In a way they found a new companion in their life, sometimes it even saves the marriage and makes it even stronger. For a child the biggest companion in its whole life are its parents, it grows in the love and warmth of the parents. So we can say in a way that for a child it's parents are the first companion.

Moving forward to childhood, we found companion in the form of everything around us. The curiosity and childness at that age seeks companionship in every from. It's a great experience accompanied by our siblings. It's the best moments of life and most interesting too.

Then comes the adolescence, the age of new experience and new adventures. This is the beginning of new outlook in life. Its the most challenging and confusing though. There is always conducted between mind and heart. Companionship goes through many transitions here. Puberty strikes at this age, changing the concept of companionship here. Some may seek it in opposite sex, some may try it being the bad guy i.e. drugs, alcohol, other illegal activities. While some get into companionship of books, sports activities and education. To be honest our companions in Adolescent age are the main deciding factors of what our future will be. So its up to us to choose our Campanions. Always be in a Company of positive and virtuous people. 😊👍

Now we are the Young and Deciding age of our life, where we choose our Companions in form of Career and Life Partner. Both should be chosen wisely, a misjudge will ruin your life. A person who loves his job or career is the most satisfied.

The Biggest and most important companion in our life is our Life Partner - Better Half😉
Its the companion with whom we spent most of our life and see many ups and downs together. It's not a blood relation but with time this bonds become so much stronger that its become divine and unconditional. Aww, man, I want to get married soon 👩‍❤️‍👨❤️

Then comes the parenthood, as mentioned earlier, for parents also their children are the best companions, it gives new life to them, everything changes and children becomes their world. It is the strongest companionship.

We have some childhood friends and some colleagues who remain our companion throughout the life. Life seems so better in their company. We have our pet and favourite car, we spend a lot of great time in their companionship.

Finally, the evening of life, the old age. Where the true love begins eventually, when your life partner is your solely and most important companion. Many of us even get the companionship of grandchildren, that a beautiful relationship too. It is said that old age is the second childhood, it is most important time for companionship, we should make sure to be there for our old parents and grandparents. We should spend quality time with them, they can be great companions, they have wonderful memories and stories of their lifetime.

Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual. Anyone who either cannot lead the common life or is so self-sufficient as not to need to, and therefore does not partake of society, is either a beast or a god - Aristotle

In conclusion, I would say no man is an island itself. We all need companions. Even though for Introverts like me, a companion is a necessity and we do have it even if we don't recognise it. If we look around everything around us is our companion, the air, the birds, the sun, the trees, the earth and life itself. Its that how we love into this world, everything is interconnected and we all are companions to life.

Living with you beautiful moments,
Living with you means everything,
For today, a lot of happiness,
For tomorrow, many memories.

your company , gives me energy,
Like the flow of flowers,
Like the sun's rays,
Together with you, makes me live again,
Like a composer makes tone vibrant,
Just like a songwriter makes the word vibrant.

You have my life, you are my life
All emptiness is filled,
My life has completed,
Oh! my Lovely Companion,
You are a dream or a imagination,
Living with you beautiful moments...

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Written by   3
9 months ago
Topics: Freewrite
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