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Living freely || Original Poem

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9 months ago

Why regret for something already lost,
What is achieved, let's ask that only,
Lets go far away, pretend,
why waste old mornings in the evening.

It is believed that there is a lack of life,
But why do the heart beats at the rate !
Any new excuse to live,
Come a little leisurely wait for special !!

Take a lot of life for life,
Keep your expectations alive in every situation,
burned every time in the darkness
It was a habit
What will I understand, who says?
Keep your hobbies in the cage

Closed room will turn a day,
Believe me
Do you know any spark
Sometimes in a hurry
If you are good, then become a companion
If it is difficult, just trust yourself

What people will say on this,
Some are going to be confused.
Heart wants something else.
We are going to do something else.

Thinking is very much we have,
What is happening soon
Now move according to others,
For myself, all the time is lying.

In the same way of heart and mind,
Life's pages are being referring to great speed,
So far we did not live yet
As much as we are going to die unnecessarily...

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