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Life is a puzzle (Poetry)

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8 months ago

Life is a puzzle, friends

If ever, then I have never been friends.

Every moment, every day, every morning,

Sometimes the ocean of pain is the joy of happiness.

Every moment of life I find my heart,

Those who have solved, solved and created when life is shattered.

Someone should become our friend,

Do not waste time to live a moment.

Pleasure and happiness, which I am happy with,

For which make life more beautiful

Who showed me light in the darkness,

And save me from the glare of light.

Which is the reason for my every step,

Whose every color is just simple

Every Musical Easy Task With which,

Keeping my hand in the crowded world.

Do not make false promises to break the moon stars,

Just be happy in life with little things.

Stir and appreciate each other's items,

Keep away from the evils of one another.

Understand the untold things of each other,

Get rid of such untimely bondage.

Just be ready, confident and a happy life,

I and her are my prisoners.

In a small world that is my dwelling place,

Every night there are pleasant and beautiful every morning.

Bind it to the door, which has two pearls in a thread,

If one gets hurt, the heart of the couple weeps.

Pure is truly a beautiful feeling,

Staying away is also close to a couple.

I want to spend my life with such people,

The color of happiness, which scattered through the scattered colors

The breath will remain on the day when the breath will rest,

If we all get in life then.

God is aware of everyone's wish,

You are settled in everyone's heart.

Make me want this wish too,

Make the idol made in the original shape.

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