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If you want to rise above, lighten yourself!

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8 months ago

Have you seen a mountaineer climbing up the mountain? Does he climb up a heavy burden with him or go ahead with just the things he needs?

Definitely, he only climbs up with things that are important and are helpful in climbing up.

What if they take the extra money and also load them up?

Then will he climb up? Will he be able to achieve that height he wants to touch?

Can not do it!

This is also true in our life. If we have to rise above ... very much ... we have to become number 1 in our business ... we have to excel in our job ... we have to be the best salesman of our company ... first in our class is to come ... to become master in our game ... then we The burden of extravagant things will be removed from you!

Extra things? What superfluous things?

If you pay attention, you will see many things that are superficial ... which prevent you from rising up ...

Your negative thoughts ... your laziness ... your inner fear ... if you are inside you, then you will see such many worthless things from whom you can get rid of, then you will not be able to stop by reaching the summit!

Is it easy to do this?

No, it would have been easy if all were at the peak ... and then there would be no value for the peak.

It is not easy to do this ... rather it should be said that it is difficult to do .... Because we have been tied in a set pattern of life for years ... One way to think about us ... is to have a habit of working ... these can not be changed all night and night ... but it is important to understand that-

It can be changed!

It can be changed how we think ... it can be changed that we work hard ... it can be changed so that we show how much courage ... and if you have not reached that peak till today you want to reach. You have to change it ... otherwise-

If you still continue to do what you have been doing till date, you will still be able to get what you have come to today ...

Do you have to be dissatisfied throughout life? Do you have to go away with this sadness that he did not do what he wanted or live with this happiness that keeps doing what I want.

To reach the peak of life, you have to lighten yourself .... You must eliminate the negativity within yourself ... that laziness that has prevented you till today ... that fear that will prevent you from listening to your heart ... once you do this and then you will know that it is really Life is so beautiful!

Perhaps you are wondering how to do this?

You know ... after reading all this, there will be many people who will think this ... and what will happen after that?

Nothing ... the same old routine ... the same old life ... the same mediocrity ... the same burden, which they will carry their lives .... But there will be some one who will not let this question, "How did this happen?" .

They will find their answer ... They will definitely find some way to unload their garbage load .... They will not complain that they have not been given any readymade method ... but they will thank God for ... The spark of fire reaching the peak of life!

And one day they will surely reach the summit from which the world looks beautiful!

Let's meet at the summit!

All the best!

Originally Published on My Hive Blog

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Written by   3
8 months ago
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