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Hello Friends, today let's see how can we impress any person by attracting them, that too in 90 seconds. Nowadays the attention span of people has become so less because people make our impressions quickly only after judging us in just a few seconds, so it is necessary that we make a good impression on others at that initial time itself.

How to Impress People

So today in this post we will know that how we should talk to others, what should we talk and much more. Now to understand all these things we have to understand 3 parts - Meeting, Rapport and Communication

Meeting - If you give the right impression to someone within 3 or 4 seconds of meeting anyone, so that you will feel safe, reliable and sincere to the person in front, which is very important to create rapport, know from these tips:

Be Open - Meaning, keeping your attitude and body language open and not close, when you are standing with your hands tied while talking to someone or join your two legs or sitting or standing with very little space, So this is an example of close body language, whereas if you keep your hands close or keep a gap between the legs or stand or sit with a good space, then these are examples of open body language, then try that you open body language Meet someone only by keeping it, you will look very impressive.

Eye contact - Keeping eye contact can be very powerful while talking because, keeping eye contact makes you very attractive and confident while talking while keeping very little eye contact makes you feel that you are very nervous or lying Are you or are not interested which is not good most of the time.

And one thing is also that it is not that you should always keep eye contact and never see it anywhere, it is not that you should make eye contact according to your situation or else you may look strange.

Beam - Meaning that after placing a genuine smile eye contract, you should give a slight smile before the front, this thing will reflect your positive attitude and you should give a friendly smile and not an intimidating one.

Greeting - Now after giving the smile, you should greet them in a good tone with a very nice smile and energy like hi, hello,or whatever way you want to start the conversation and Also remember that the better way you introduce yourself, the better the person will introduce himself and one more thing, this is also a good time to know their information from the other person like if you are talking to someone. If you say hello together, then the people in front will respond equally by saying hello or hi which can make things ugly, but the better you introduce yourself, the bigger the reply you will get and then you can move forward with your words comfortably.

Lean - Leaning a little while talking means not bending much, this thing shows the front that you are interested in them and open, then you can also do this but yes try that you have to do this thing on the opposite side. Reduce the time you meet or do it thoughtfully, it can make you look needy or desperate to the person in front, which looks very bad.

Establishing Rapport - This part is the most important out of these parts because here you will be able to make deep connections with people at the mental and emotional level, due to which people will start liking you that too on a different level, because you are all People must know that we are Humans are Emotional Creatures who mostly take decisions from the heart and not from the mind and forming rapport helps us to form an emotional relation by understanding the feeling and emotion of the other.

So know some points to build strong rapport:

Attitude - Sometimes it happens that you are talking to a close friend or family member, only then you feel that he is a little sad or angry, then you ask him what happened and then that false smile While saying that nothing, which you do not believe at all and later you come to know that yes you were absolutely right, but you know how we get to know that even without them speaking then the answer is , from his attitude.

Because the attitude that we have, it has a direct impact on our mind, what is connected with our body, what will happen if your attitude remains angry, then no matter how much you try to talk with love, anger is your facial expression. From your tone of talk, and body language, people will understand which will not allow you to build rapport again, so try to have positive attitude like warm, confident, relax instead of negative attitude like angry, rude, Talk to people with

Synchronization - If you understand that you like football, then you will get more attached with those people who like football because we make connections by being comfortable with people of our choice because fact tells that we like those people more Those who are like us, whose thoughts, ideas, preferences are similar to ours but not always. But we are made less than those who like things opposite to us, so if we do things like them to people, then it will help us a lot in making rapport with them.

To sync with others you have to focus on visual, vocal and verbal.

55% of our communication comes from visual things, your body language, and 38% of communication depends on our voice tone and 7% depends on your verbal communication, which means the words you speak You use all that.

So the most important thing that happens is our body language which is the most important and you can use a simple technique to correct body language which is called mirroring, here you have nothing but copy the body language of the person in front. It has to be done like if he is keeping his hand on his hand while talking, then you also do the same, it will be known that something is wrong and the rapport will not be informed.

Now let's talk about communication. 38% of communication depends on the way you speak, so it is also important to sync. To sync people, the first thing you can sync is the tone of voice of the front means the front asking you in an excited tone. If it is, then you should also reply in excited tone, and if he speaks in emotional tone then you should also reply in emotional tone, the other thing you can sync is the volume and speed of the voice if he is speaking fast then you Speak too fast, if he is speaking slowly then you also speak slowly.

Congruity - It happens many times that we are watching a movie or serial and we know that all this is not real, it is just an acting but still when one of our favorite actor dies in it then its We start feeling bad, we get emotional and many people even start crying, even after knowing that it is fake. All those things that are shown in that movie, we start believing on it and also get emotionally connected to it because because its region is congruity because those who are good actors always keep these three V's of communication congruent means his body language, voice tone, and vocal are all three things congruent with each other, so we find his acting real or believable.

So if you also want people to believe in you and be able to make an emotional connection with you, then you should also maintain congruity, it does not mean that you seem a scared person with body language, and there is just confidence in your voice tone. Not like this, but the confidence should be in both your body language and voice tone.

Thank You and Have a Great Day 😊🙏

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