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Homeland Series Review - A Binge Watch👍😊

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8 months ago

I saw a really good TV Series. Most of the time, I try to sleep regularly, but I stayed up late watching TV for quite a few days watching this drama before falling asleep.

I'm tired, but once I start watching it, I get worried about 'I'm going to stay all night like this...', so I sleep several days.

The first episodes or two of the drama every season are a bit slow to catch up with the storyline, but after that, it develops incredibly fast. That's why I can't sleep early because I think I'll see one more every time...

In general, dramas with multiple seasons tend to show loose development as the seasons are added, but this drama has none of that.

Perhaps when you decide to watch this drama, you should be prepared for lack of sleep.

The content of the drama is as follows.

The male protagonist, Brody, is a US Marine who was sent to the Iraq War.

He went on a reconnaissance with his colleagues and was captured by Iraqi forces.

And eight years have passed, and the US military and his family think he is dead.

One day, during an American raid on an Iraqi base, Brody is dramatically rescued alive.

The main character, Carrie, is a CIA agent. According to her sources, she was told that the US military had changed her mind. And he begins to suspect that Brody, who has returned to his homeland after 8 years, is the very changed soldier.

The process of the two main characters keeping the truth or revealing the truth heightens the tension of the drama. This is a fun series worth watching if you are prepared for sleep deprivation.

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8.3/10 · IMDb

85% · Rotten Tomatoes

8.7/10 ·

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Written by   3
8 months ago
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