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Facebook's Global Outage and Decentralization!

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11 months ago

Last Monday, Facebook has been suspended for 6 hours with access failure.

In addition to Facebook, the service and APP, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Oculus have been suspended, and normal use was interrupted.

This technical or technical management aspect accidentally, the recent Facebook internal accidents are attended by the US Senate, and the Facebook deliberately said that Facebook is definitely "the impact of the mental health of the youth" It has been embarrassed.

The access failure occurred in the eastern time noon. It has been resolved after 6 hours. This situation is the most serious disability that occurred since the connection failure for 24 hours in 2019. This connection disorder is known to have a significant hit and the creators dependent on the service.

The cause of Facebook is a Configuration Issue.Backbone connection between data center Shut Down (Routine Maintenance) and Down of the DNS server, The two causes are composited, and the resolution became more difficult.

With Facebook, the instagram service stopped, Facebook's next-generation growth engineered VR Oculus has also been affected. It was possible to run an existing program, but it was not possible to install Social Feature and no new installation.

Facebook employees have tried to use Outlook emails as Communication became impossible, but they were not impossible to receive mail from outside. Services such as Google Docs have been able to connect to the access of the connection to the connection, but it was reported to be a new connection.

Some of the connection disorders are related to the incident of internal accuracy, which there is a comment that the header does not attack Facebook. This incident did not appear on all platforms on Facebook for 6 hours. Facebook share price decline in founder maintenance is expected to decline over $6 billion and profit is expected to decrease $60m. Above all, it was a considerable strike in the fame, and it became a situation that it is technically problem with moral issue.

As a result, there is also a comment that reverses the current situation that relies on centralized services. The opinion that WEB 3.0, which is a disappearing blockchain and crypto, can be a permanent alternative.

However, this part is a homework to be resolved by reflecting the case.

Despite a significant level of development and evolution, there is still a limitation of high transaction costs and processing capacity, and stabilized new blocks, and IDO, etc., There is a possibility. Even if the blockchain is continuously evolved and the network is down, the safety of the data is still guaranteed, even if the network is down, it seems that the stabilized blockchain should also be done.


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Written by   3
11 months ago
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