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Playing and winning real money in cryptocurrency with Angry Warlord.

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Good morning!

When we are children we spend a large part of our lives playing. Games become the way to learn many things, learning through games is entertaining and has a positive effect on the healthy mental and physical development of all children.

There are several types of games and although some may seem like a waste of time, surely something can be learned with them.

We all keep within us the child that we were; I particularly like to take my inner girl for a walk from time to time in some fun game and enjoy it.

As we become adults, games continue to be a way of teaching, like chess that teaches patience, making decisions, planning strategies, etc.

Playing is fun but I like it more when playing I can earn real cryptomenda and exchange for fiat money.

Play and win real money at the same time? Yes, today blockchain technology allows you to play entertaining games that reward the player with real cryptocurrencies, that is, cryptocurrencies that have a real value in dollars that can be exchanged through an exchange (an exchange is a digital exchange house) for dollars or your local currency.

Gemslab is a gaming company that works to publicize and promote the adoption of blockchain technology through its constructions, Gemslab developed the Angry Warlord game built with Telos blockchain technology

Angry Warlord is an easy and fun game, it consists of riding a Rhinosaurus and fighting to defeat an enemy. The game tells a story that unfolds through levels, the magic items collection helps you to be a better warrior, it has the characteristics of flying, speed, unique graphics, music and much more.

Image taken from the group on Telegram

Get Angry Warlord here

Use the Sqrl official Telos Blockchain wallet

Earn Gem Angry Warlord token and trade for cryptocurrency tlos on

Telos Community on Telegram
Where Telos Blockchain makers meet to talk about business

To interact with other players and stay informed join the Angry Warlord by Gemslab Telegram group

Angry Warlord game video

! Angry World is a game for children and adults!

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Written by   21
2 years ago (Last updated: 1 year ago)
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