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Asking God

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1 year ago

Life is a raffle, it is not known what the day to day will bring, we hope it is something good because we are optimistic and we believe in the biblical scriptures when it says that good and mercy will follow us every day of life.

However, the year 2020 brought something unexpected, the covid-19, a virus capable of destroying humanity, suddenly enveloped us in fear of the threat of ending the life and health of all, there is no escape it is global.

My refuge has been God, asking for the health of others and mine is daily prayer, before the covid I always asked for the health of the sick as a form of solidarity with those in need of health, remembering them in my prayers. Now praying for health is something more, it is the urgent need for divine mercy, for the protection of the Almighty against an invisible predator.

I pray to God for the health, life and peace of everyone in the world, for the eradication, the disappearance of the covid from the earth so that we can once again enjoy the peace of living healthy and without fear.


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