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When I was on Gensan before my father died I have a bestfriend there which is my one and only friend there cause we always play together theres a time that we played basketball and he got injured at that time but that's also my fault cause I shoot the ball then the ball bounce at the plywood of the ring then it goes to him then he cried at that time.

After he cried we both go to her mother and guess what did his mother said she said ohh see I told both of you already c'mmon here that's not a big issue just take rest then he sleep for a rest while his tears are still falling down then I said to his mother ahmm.. tita sorry for what I did to Ian then she replied ohh its ok dear dont think about this too much ok Ian will be fine soon and smiled then I asked if I can go back home then she said yes and also said I can comeback if Ian feels better thank you tita see you later then I signed to her byebye with my hands.

When I was in the house I asked my mother if my father will come I didn't told her about what happened to Ian Im sure she will scold me hahahahah then she replied ohh dear your father might be back here on September but that time was February I want him to be here when my birthday comes should it be possible mom? Son your father needs to work for your birthday he always making money for us don't worry even your father is not here in your birthday I still here ok then I replied ahmm.. ok mom then when I went to my room I played my toys alone like what actually kids doing playing toys alone bang bang hahahaha then someone called me then I come outside and I saw my neighbor friend she wants to play with me then yes I played with her.

The we went to her house and guess what did she told me she told why my father will not go to my birthday then I replied my father needs to work for me and my mother for my birthday also then I asked her back why your mother was not here where she is I didn't see her since then she replied my mother went far away she also need to work but her work was very hard she needs to clean the toilet everything in the house there but do you know where she is? Then she replied I don't know she even called us once in a month I miss her so much do you know I always praying that my mother will be back here soon but it seems possible then I directly said Yes your mother will be back here maybe she need more money so that's why she didn't calling you but trust me your mother will be back here then she said ok and when I looked at the backyard I saw Ian playing alone then I asked jayjay to play with Ian then she said ok then let's go and yes we go to Ian and when Ian saw us he looks mad or sad I don't know then I asked him if he willing to play with jayjay and he said ok but I still saw him sad then I talked to him.

Are you ok? Or you still hurt? Then he said yes Im ok don't mind me then I said but you looks so sad then he said trust Im ok then lets play no and we played together play hide in seek play some Filipino play after an hour we got tired and we rest for a while, while we are resting Ian talk to me that what will happened we will still friends then I said ohh why do you need to tell about that of course no matter what we will still friends ok then he said thanks then my mother called me cause we need to eat for dinner then I asked to them that I will leave and I let them two talk to each other so that they will know more about each other.

When we are eating my mom said do you know? Ahmm. Know what mom? What happened Ian's father? I got confused what happened to tito mom? He got a car accident and he is in critical situation now and that makes realize that why Ian and mad or sad lately and talk to me that what will we are still friends then I asked my mother where did you get that news mom? Then she replied his mother told me then I felt sad for Ian after we finished eat I asked my mother to go in Ian house when I was thereI asked him that Ian why you didn't tell me? Tell what he said with a nervous voice tell about what happened to your father then he cried then I conforted him and said please dont cry you made me cry also Im here don't worry about your father he'll be fine soon then he said but father are still in hospital don't worry ok everything will be fine soon ok after that I asked his mother to be that Ian will stay in our house while his mother was taking care of his father then her mother agreed my mother also agreed so we both in same room I still playing with him even he seem so sad.

After a week his mother came back but looks crying then my mother asked what happened her mother said that his father died already and when Ian heard that he shocked and cried out loud then her mother asked that if she can bring Ian at the hospital before his father will go to funeral Ian still crying at that time then my mother said sure at least Ian will see his father before they inbulm it then Ian talked to me my father was died and cry but I've been quite maybe because of the bad news I heard then his mother tooked him and they went to hospital.

My mother told me every person need to die no once live here that will never die son remember that if they died maybe because their time has come or they already did what they assigned here and I said how will Ian now? He will be sad I know son but we need to accept the fact that his father passed away.

When his father was buried at their house Ian talked to me that they will no longer live here after his father buried and I said then how was our friendship our promises? He said I don't know what will happened to us but maybe someday we will see each other again but promise me be are still friends no matter what and I said of course yes we still friends even your not here anymore I will contact you I will search you on facebook ok? Then he said ok.

After his father buried they transferred to another place which is in Davao I don't know wher they lived in davao but when they leave I cried at that time cause I will no longer have a best friend who always there for and it made me also sad that I cant see him in any social media even I searched his name I can't search and until now I haven't have a news about him do you know how much I missed him hope je miss me too.

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