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Where are you taking my life alone.

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1 year ago
Topics: Life

My dear ones,

I often think about this topic, so let me share some of my thoughts about life with you, who knows, maybe someone will like it, maybe someone will be found

in all this because after all it is all life.

Many say that the most beautiful period of life is childhood, I again think that every period of life is beautiful in its own way.

It is true that while we are children there is no worry, everything is play, fun and it is true that no one can love as pure and innocent as a child. I ask you what if you never grow up,

I mean specifically in this innocence and purity.

However, a very long time has passed since my childhood, 30-40 years already, so I may return to my childhood on another occasion and in another text.

And now back to the world of adults, a world that should make us better, kinder, more humane, to love more, to be more committed to the goal, to help each other

to fight for justice, to fight poverty, big corporations, to protect our planet, not to forget our grandmothers, grandfathers, and even fathers and mothers, to be friends, to support someone who needs it,

and of course, above all, to feel free in our own skin and in our own country.

All this sounds nice to me and I hope to you, but what is it with all of us, for the reason that when I look around, I see dissatisfaction, the burden of the environment in which we live, lack of time, showing a false life

on social networks, posting various photos with the beautification of one's own face and the like, lack of empathy in every respect, neglect, arrogance of the powerful over the weak, terrible pressure from employers on workers,

and above all, turning our heads and keeping silent even when we are right, so we must not forget the believers who distance themselves from God in every possible way and mention the same in vain and in sin, they also go to church to pray.

Without offending anyone here, I respect both believers and those who do not believe in any religion, everyone has the right to their choice, and no one has the right to impose something on someone.

That is why the goal of this first blog or text of mine is to ask ourselves if we are working on ourselves enough first of all, because in order to respect others we must first respect ourselves, every new day is a new lesson for each of us.

Let us do everything in our power to be better and to be what we are, to live in truth and not in lies, not to idealize ourselves by criticizing and condemning others.

Every day we make at least a small gesture of good will, help, and if we are not able to help, at least listen to someone, say a warm word, show love in fact, spread our arms, open our soul and heart, accept that we would be accepted.

In that way, our life will be easier, simpler and more fulfilled. And then, when asked from the title of the text, I can say that life leads me on the path of peace, love and prosperity.

After all, let's not forget to be human.

I wish you all the best, until some next text and some next occasion.

Thank you!!!

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Written by   10
1 year ago
Topics: Life
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