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My mother's yard

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8 months ago

Hello my dears,

I am taking you to a village by the river Tamnava in the municipality of Ub, the village is called Vrelo and my mother, brother and until recently my late father live there.

I won't write much to you today, the pictures will somehow speak more than words. And in those pictures you will see how my mother's yard has changed, that is, how she arranges it, above all when it comes to choosing flowers.

In the pictures below, you can see that we also have regular visitors, bees, butterflies, bumblebees, and by God, some storks stop by the chimney of the house.

Bumblebee and flower

Stork on the chimney

What would a village yard be without a well, and everyone says that there is no nicer and colder water than when a bucket is pulled out of a well.

To make everything complete, there is also a barn or as we call it a store, inside you can find wheat and barley and flour, there are also tools, and regular visitors such as field mice hahaha.

In order for the picture to be complete, of course, there is also a hard-working housewife who is responsible for all this.

And this cute little girl's name is Masha and she's my cousin's daughter.

Everything is beautiful in the pictures, but it requires a lot of work, sacrifice and, above all, love for what you do.

And that's why I thank my mother who works hard on everything.

Thanks also to us other family members who, if nothing else, regularly maintain and mow the grass to make the yard look even more beautiful.

The old plow, which used to be used to cultivate the land, is now used to decorate the yard

My dear ones that would be it for this time.

Thank you until the next reading !!!

My mother's yard.

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Written by   10
8 months ago
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