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Kids Games Then and Now: Super Mario ws Pokemon go

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11 months ago

My dear,

First of all, it is always worth mentioning all the benefits of children's outdoor games, where children gain immunity, improve motor functions, socialize and much more that I assume most of us parents know.

Now, my dears, how it used to be when we were children, I will remind you - and by God, myself.

Our games were:

1. Blink

2. Between two fires

3. Skipping the Eraser

4. Zuce

5. Ringe ringe raja

6. Partisans and Germans, Cowboys and Indians

1. Blinking is perhaps the most popular game in my time, usually in the afternoon when the sun sets, all the children gather, then one squints and counts to 20, for example, and the others hide where who arrives and how who manages, then the one who squints starts to they are looking for them, those who manage to * spit * are hiding in the next round, and the one who does not * spit * in time or was discovered by the one who squinted, the next one squints and looks for the other children. boys and girls together.

2. The game between the two fires was also a game for both boys and girls and was played by everyone together.

On one side there are usually five children and a hundred as many on the other, all the other children are in the middle and try to catch the ball with which the children from these two five throw them, whoever hits the ball falls out, but the child who catches the ball has the right to play return the child who dropped, and the child who caught the ball in the next round throws the ball, and the child who catches and the ball is caught, goes to the middle.

3. The game that is intended for girls, although I know some boys who gladly joined is skipping rubber bands. Two girls hold an elastic band that is intertwined while the third is skillfully played in between, a great game for agility and exercise in girls of that age.

4. Zuce's game, reserved for boys, although the girls at the time loved to join, one boy squints, with an open palm holding his side, then one of the other children hits him on the palm and he turns around and he should guess who hit him, if he doesn't hit the squint again.

5. In the game Ringe ringe raja, children make a circle that spins in a circle and a song is sung: * Ringe ringe raja dosho čika Paja, pa pojeo jaja, jedno jaje muć a mi deca čuć *. those children who do not cope fall sideways, which causes bursts of laughter in children.

6. The game of Partisans and Germans or Cowboys and Indians, children who come with different types of plastic rifles and pistols, and by God at that time when there was none we knew how to make them ourselves from wood, machine guns would be made of sharovina and there as we drive two nails , we made a bow and an arrow from a willow. And then we would be at war with each other.

And there are a bunch of other games we had, but the text would be too long if I wrote about each one, I'll just mention them to remind you (Ide Maca Oko Tebe goes to Kolarić Panić, Aračkinja Baračkinja, Masne Fote, Trule Kobile, Ćorava Bake, Školice, etc., etc. ).)

When we couldn't play outside - those lucky ones who possibly had someone abroad would get a hand-boy game console where we would all play a bit, tetris or super Maria, one of the friends had a segu or famous atari, but it really was a rarity.

Childhood has passed, we have grown up, we have become our own people, we have had our children and instead of teaching them all these games, we have given them computers and mobile phones.

Our patchwork from the football field that we painted and marked ourselves was replaced by fifa or pro evolution soccer.

Our Super Maria was replaced by Pokemon go, which brought a lot of problems to both children and parents. On the one hand, it was not such a bad game, because in a way it kept children in nature, but on the other hand, unfortunately there were accidents because children was too focused on the screen of a mobile phone. So, in general, despite its huge popularity, it brought much more damage.

I have often seen children when they go out as they have no idea what to play and are simply bored, one can often hear the phrase when they are outside to * bleat at the end * and the like. That * bleating * is usually with a phone in hand.

There is also our guilt in all this, because today's man is much more burdened with his career and crucified between several jobs in order to ensure his existence, and that lack of time is a huge problem.

However, we must not forget that we are parents who should be dedicated to their children. As much as possible stay outdoors, from an early age to instruct them in some old games that I listed, we have not forgotten them, I'm sure. Let's direct our children to play sports, let's discover their talents and not make them of us, even where we failed to expect them to do so.

And that's why all your children are holding hands - the direction of nature, and until you reach your destination, tell your children what you are and what games you played as a child.

Until the next reading !!!

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Written by   10
11 months ago
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