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How much we have lost ourselves with modern technologies

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11 months ago

Greetings to all readers,

Maybe a lot has been said on this topic, primarily from the aspect of our children and how much they depend on modern technologies, phones, tablets, PCs of various gaming consoles and the like.

But what about us, their parents, older brothers and sisters, and by God, as time goes on, more and more with grandparents.

Where are we in the whole story, how much has it all changed us and how much are we dependent on all of the above today?

There are no easy answers to this question, and there are many examples of this addiction.

An addiction that affects all of us and that has not passed anyone from 7 to 77 years as many can say.

The question is not whether we have lost a part of our identity, but how much we are, when I say that I can cite a bunch of our own examples and examples from the family and the immediate and wider environment.

With the development of modern technologies that are not necessarily bad and that certainly have significance for our present and for the future, we somehow allowed ourselves along the way that we can no longer do without almost every few minutes to take the phone to see what's new. on facebook, instagram, tik tok, pinterest and similar social networks, even though in those moments we should absolutely be focused on something else, whether it is work, obligations in the home, obligations to children, it seems to me that for most it doesn't matter to us, consciously or unconsciously we do it.

I will cite one fascinating example, and that is, for example, the mother of my friend, who until a few months ago used a regular phone as many now call it * stupid *. she spends commenting on various posts on Facebook, sending various stickers on Viber, correspondence, etc. .

I say there are many examples and not to drown you in it, I will mention just one more, last summer I was sitting on the porch and my son hates to go out and ask me what he needs, but sends me a message via an application called * telegram *.

I think that only on these examples we see and we can conclude how much modern technologies change us, make us lazy, and it seems antisocial to me, wasting time on all those social networks we actually lose our precious selves, maybe we could dedicate ourselves to reading a book , maybe we were further educated, maybe we went out with friends, met someone new, and in the end maybe we could do something extra and earn extra income for our family.

But first of all, we need to remember when we took a pencil in our hands and wrote something with our own handwriting, which is unique for every living thing, and no one has the same handwriting in this world.

When we sent a letter to someone, a New Year's card that we were looking forward to not so long ago in every corner of the world.

When we wrote a love letter to our loved one, some beautiful verse that is original and only ours, that is not transcribed, quoted or copied from some social network.

Not to turn out to be against modern technologies and their use, on the contrary I use them myself but I try not to be their slave, but to make them subordinate to me, even the time I used to spend on social networks I use by using my computer or I do some additional online work on my mobile phone, so I have a little more money for my family, which certainly comes in handy because most of us here in Serbia still work for miserable salaries.

Also where modern technologies have proven useful and especially social networks and applications for correspondence is the current Covid-19 pandemic, where we have seen all the advantages of these applications when people have to be separated by coincidence.

So it is up to us to accept modern technologies in a way that they are part of us and not for us to be slaves to them.

Thank you for following my work !!!

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Written by   10
11 months ago
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