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Cunning as a fox? !!!!

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1 year ago

Dear friends of sports and the most important side things in the world, greetings to all.

Today, I will deal with the excellent results in the world of football recorded by Leicester FC in the English Premier League.

Most of you who follow football probably know that this football club was founded back in 1884. A club with a rich history and tradition in English football

Perhaps a little-known fact for many is that, for example, they lost as many as 10 players at the front during World War I, of which 9 died in France and one in Belgium.

I won't deal with history much, otherwise you can read it from some other sources, even on the club's official website.

This season reminds me somewhat of 2016 when the club achieved the greatest success in history and won the English Premier League title.

The club is recording extremely good results, they are currently third at the top of the table with only two points behind the leading Manchester United.

Also in Europe, more precisely in the Europa League, they qualified for the second part of the competition where they will meet Slavia from Prague.

They are led by the great Jamie Vardy with 11 goals scored so far this season, I'm just talking about the Premier League. Otherwise, the aforementioned Vardy is also the best assistant in the team.

On goal is the fantastic Kasper Schmeichel, it made sense to talk about this famous goalkeeping surname in the world of football, when everything is already known.

They are led from the bench by the great Brendan Rodgers, who took over the team sometime in February 2019.

Surely some people are little aware of the fact that he is part of the management team and the legendary Kolo Toure who is the first coach of the team.

It is too early to talk about a fight for the title, but the team is in good shape and with reason and optimism they can enter the rest of the season.

The ball is round and in football anything is possible… isn't it.

What do you think about that?

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Written by   10
1 year ago
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