There isn't just one word to describe love

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A sanctuary

Love is a sanctuary, a safe haven to retreat to and recuperate during hardship. Love gives you warmth and a source of energy to recuperate from the hardship that you face on a daily basis.

Do you remember when you were a small child how you would run to your mum when you were scared? Or how you were asking dad to pick you up? It was safe, right?

I bet you remember well your first kiss. It was magical and unique. Maybe even it was hard to believe that it was really happening. You were able to think of nothing but your boyfriend/girlfriend. When something goes wrong, you call them because it feels good, and it feels safe to share a negative experience.

"Love is a sanctuary" - an abstract artwork I generated in starryai.


Love is time spent together, time spent away from other tasks, duties and responsibilities, the time when you ignore other desires just to be able to share moments of your life with another human being or an animal.

We tend to choose what to do according to priority. Love is the sacrifice of time for one thing in order to please its recipient.

Love evolves over time. Time lets you get more familiar with the other person, and it may deepen the connection. But the infatuation phase is typically followed by a more rational evaluation of your partner.

"Time" - an abstract artwork I generated in starryai.

An illusion

Love can be an illusion. You believe that love will last forever - just like in fiction and movies. And it really feels like that when you are head over heels for your new partner.

But... maybe you are in love with the wrong person. Or you believe that you are in love when you are, in fact, simply physically attracted.

Unrequited love is easily among the harshest feeling that one may ever experience. It crushes one’s soul to bits.

"Love is an illusion" - an abstract artwork I generated in starryai.

Love is everything

Maybe I am too much of a dreamer, a hopelessly romantic fool. I have managed to experience all of the above. Yet, to me, love comes above everything.

Love brings us together. It makes us look for people (or animals) that create a safe atmosphere, one where you are respected and accepted just the way you are with all your flaws and good sides.

Love inevitably brings sorrow. It creates hardship. Relationships can be tough for various reasons—differences of opinions, lack of respect, different goals in life, and even violence.

The lack of love leaves lasting marks on us, especially if it occurred in childhood. Love-related trauma may take years of therapy to process and come to terms with.

Still, love is a goal and a life force worth striving for. In the end, we humans are social creatures. We can survive on our own, but being completely isolated and indifferent to anyone and anything is often a sign of distress.

Try to find something worth loving, and life will be much smoother.

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