The weight of depression on your shoulders

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We have heard time and again how common depression is, how harsh it can be on the individual, and how being understood is surprisingly rare. There is stigma around mental health conditions. And there is also a lack of belief. There is blame for being weak and characterless. And there is downplay as if it is one's own choice.

"Carrying weight on your shoulders" - an artwork I generated using starryai.

I have previously written multiple articles about mental health inspired by my experiences. Then I stopped. Not by choice. I was forced to. Depression commanded so.

Admitting that you are struggling is very hard. You just want to push through. You tell yourself that maybe tomorrow you can do all the things that you wish to get done. Yet it does not happen. You are equally exhausted. You start hating yourself.

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is hard when depression rules your life. An artwork I generated using starryai.

I know that, eventually, life will change. It is a "been there, done that" kind of situation. Still, it does not make me less depressed. When you go through an episode of darkness and manage to recover, you gain experience. The chance of relapse is quite high. And I have been through that.

Sadly, many end up losing the will to live. And that is by no means a sign of weakness. It is a wail. Depression hurts. It brings an unbearable weight on your shoulders.

Reaching out for help is the only way out. Therapy, medications and peer support are known to alleviate the problems.

And remember, prevention is easier than the fight for a cure.

"Prevention is easier than cure" - an artwork I generated using starryai.

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