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A Path to Bitcoin (BCH) Mass Adoption

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2 years ago (Last updated: 1 year ago)

u/MichaelTen 's question here about a profitable business model related to on-boarding merchants spurred me to shine more light on this! I am not the first to think of this, but neither have I seen it discussed much as of yet or see actual Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions providing options (profit) for salespersons on-boarding merchants.

PROFIT: To profit, help others profit!

Vin often simplifies concepts and his periodic discussions about PROFIT is right on the money (pun intended!)

View Vin's thread here

Point of Sale (POS) Tx With Additional Output (fee) to Salesperson

The Bitcoin Cash Register app (or any similar app) could have versions (forks?) that allow for the salespersons (Vin's hustlers!) on-boarding new merchants to as part of every transaction (tx) have an additional output (on-boarding fee) that goes to the salesperson. This additional output ideally should be adjustable/set by the salesperson at the outset such that it can be based on some combination of:

  • tx volume

  • amount per tx

  • etc...

Naturally this fee would be disclosed as part of the on-boarding process and may vary based on tx volume/amounts etc... just typical business negotiations! While these agreements are voluntary, a natural market based solution will result:

  • Non-Custodial (just an additional output for every tx)

  • Tx fee that likely will be near zero/tiny relative to traditional bank cards

  • Tx fees that are generally far less than even BitPay or similar crypto payment processors

  • Encourage even more salespersons to enter due to the passive income generation potential "As soon as that single element is added into the workflow, it will unleash the collective energy of the hungriest, most motivated salespeople in the world... who are in the streets selling already." -VA

  • POS apps with the best options for merchant on-boarding salespersons will garner increased attention->Profit!

  • Leading to that tipping point of mass adoption!

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Written by   18
2 years ago (Last updated: 1 year ago)
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I've had very similar thoughts. But, I think's POS is fee-less, is it?

Shameless plug: has an affiliate system too!

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2 years ago