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How to inspire and motivate yourself to write.

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2 months ago

Writer's block is common. It happens all the time. But there are ways to overcome that obstacle. Before I begin, I’ll talk about things that could discourage you from writing.

Drama at a workplace or at school, self-loathing, boredom, and dissatisfaction in general.

Issues that are ongoing in your life can mess with you subconsciously. It gets frustrating because it's all you’re thinking about. Instead of being frustrated about it, reflect, understand, and grow from what’s going on. Channel the emotions you’re feeling into writing. Sometimes, self-growth comes from this.

Writers tend to overthink.

Self-loathing is a miserable way to live your life It might be difficult to stop hating yourself, blaming yourself for things that you never did. Don’t doubt yourself anymore, don’t listen to anyone who degrades you because it’s out of the result of their own insecurities. Don’t let those negative emotions be projected onto you. And most importantly, don’t forget who you actually are. Don’t let this be the reason you don’t deserve to write.

Dissatisfaction in general is pretty self explanatory.

If you ever find yourself feeling like this, unmotivated, and bored, just do something that makes you happy. Think about something that makes you happy. Read your old writing, eat a snack, walk outside for a bit, daydream, draw.

Sometimes inspiration comes from that.

Writing Feedback and Reviews:

When writing feedback and reviews, there are many things to think about. For me, I like to keep things simple, and just stick with the three basics.

What you need to think about:

3 Things:

  • Your audience

  • Your main points

  • Final overview

Your audience is very important. Making them feel as if their writing is valued and cherished by another is so wonderful. Wise, encouraging and helpful advice can go a long way for many writers. Make sure to address their work often, give text from the story you enjoyed, and be “ hearty in your approbation...lavish in your praise.” Doing so will encourage them to write on, and ultimately make the reader more confident in their writing, whilst also teaching them to do better next time. It’s like a learned behavior. Being harsh, and scornful will only breed resentment. Instead of being harsh, challenge yourself into explaining effective ways to educate, and guide your reader. Consider your audience, and understand them as best you can as well.

Main points should never be obscured by any fanciful details. Always have your main points clearly written out before you begin crafting your review. Having your main points out can boost your confidence and make your writing look and be more organized. This will also reduce the amount of times you’ll have to revise.

Final overviews are what tie the entire review together. Really show your audience how dedicated you are to the piece and how special it was. Do your best to represent your main points in your few closing statements, and better yet, go over your main points while elaborating their importance. After, praise your reader one last time, to really portray the bond you and your audience have shared.

Hopefully, this was helpful !!

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Written by   5
2 months ago
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