END TIMES (Continuation: Beginning - Two)

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This is the continuation of my previously uploaded novelette. I hope you're enjoying reading this. It might be my source of motivation to create more stories. Looking forward to your comments on how I can improve my writing. Feel free to comment your thoughts!


When I arrived at school, everyone was buzzing about it. The whole day passed by in a blur and I still can't get the news out of my head. I'm wondering how a developing country like the Philippines would survive in a war, the war between countries that have trained soldiers and advanced weapons. I wonder how we can survive.

I stopped by the library to finish one of my final requirements in class. On the farthest corner were my friends, the twins' Azalea and Cayden. No one bothers them on their spot because there's like an unwritten rule that it's only them who can occupy that little space. They're part of the elite class in school and it's still a wonder why they befriended someone like me when they can be friends with anyone else. It took them too long to gain my trust but when we get to know each other I softened up to them.

School is supposed to be a place where each of us will be united but it only widened the gap and divided the students. The elite class was the famous ones while the poor experience oppression from other students.

But the twins are different. They grew up well and pay no attention to the social class of one person. They're kind and they treat everyone equally. We have the same beliefs and that's what I like about them.

They seem immersed in a deep conversation when I arrived at their table.

"Hey, Az. Hey, Cay," I told them as I sat in front of them.

"Hi, E," They said in chorus, only offering me a single glance.

"So what are you guys talking about? Looks like some pretty serious stuff."

"Oh. Have you heard the news? 'Coz it's what we're talking about before you rudely interrupted us," Az said with a hint of irritation in her voice. She's always the hot-tempered one. That's why I didn't bother with her snide remark.

"Don't mind her, E. She's just PMSing," Cay said before I can respond while laughing a little too loud that the librarian shushed us.

"I'm not PMSing. Gosh, where did you even get that word? Are you gay?" They always trade insulting remarks on each other that I get used to it so I just laugh it out.

"Before we get so far from the topic, why don't you just tell me about the news you've been talking about."

"Right. Well, the news this morning is very alarming and we've been talking about the possibilities of what will happen in the future," Cay explained. I'm interested in what they were talking about.

"To be honest, I can't get the news out of my head since I heard it this morning. I'm just bothered and scared of what is happening in our world. It seems that the 'apocalypse' news is coming."

"That's exactly what we mean. If the apocalypse happens there will be total chaos," She said, her voice a little tense.

We continued talking about the topic that the three of us didn't notice how much time passed. We agreed that there really are signs of the apocalypse since before but what's in the news seems like a big leap concerning the issue. It's like we're running towards our graves because of our decisions. Maybe our sins have been too much that the world needs to be destroyed in order to make a new world that's not corrupted like ours.

It's scary and at the same time, I kind of understand that we deserve this. But I'm still afraid of what's about to come – or maybe has it started already?

To be continued...

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