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Here's a look at Think Mental, think for a minute, and change yourself.

Someone says Hubla

If there is so much fuss!

Someone says or is angry

Whether to say bhabwali

Some say restless

No one or quiet

Some say very clever

Someone or donkey, donkey again.

I have heard so many titles in the long nineteen years. Maybe or many have heard.

Now the thing is, I am doing some kind of analysis on this. There are two types of solution decorations. Read, then think, then correct the thought with yourself.


First of all how am I talking to you from this edge!

I'm talking to her like a hubble, so I think she's a hubble. Talking about anger, so he thinks I'm angry. I couldn't give time, or I avoided it, so he thought I was emotional. I'm talking calmly, so he told me calm down. Introduced intelligence, so he called me clever. I was very stupid to him, so he said donkey.

This means that the way I spoke, the way you thought of me.

Well, I accepted it from my side. The explanation is in my favor.

Then ...


How I am talking to you from this end, how you took it.

It depends on the position of your think mentality. Generally, I am talking about messaging chat.

You asked the question, I answered. How did you get this answer! That will give me feedback as an analysis of your current thinking consciousness at that time.

I said calmly, calmly, but you thought I was talking angrily.

Your consciousness said- the girl is a hubble or the boy is bad, ass. However, he may be calmly conveying the message to you with a simple mind.

However, the biggest mistake is to think of the person on the other side according to our thinking consciousness or our own nature.

We are humble to one, but intelligent to the other. Someone will say it well No one will or envy. All this is going on every day.

But try to change your thoughts in a beautiful way, a beautiful world will be built. Never talk to anyone with sorrow. Even if you say so, suddenly apologize People do not become humble when they ask for forgiveness.

So think twice when you say something to someone. Change your thinking mentality, always discover new ways. Avoid trying unnecessarily to hurt someone in a simple way.

Stay calm, calm down and listen to everyone. Change yourself, change others.

There is nothing to be sad about. As we go along we learn a lot from life, suffer, become happy.

The root of the fall of ego. So, stay away from arrogance. Not ten hands away, a hundred hands away. Life will be beautiful inshaAllah.


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2 years ago