The Great Journey

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As soon as he entered the house, Prano looked around in surprise. A huge tall house. Numerous bed sheets lined up on either side of the room. Empty space like a corridor in the middle. One and a half hand distance in the middle of each bed. Clothes and even underwear are hanging randomly on the mosquito stand of each bed. Put mugs and buckets in front of the bed. Pots, pans and even plate glasses are placed on the floor next to the bed. Someone's cars are kept in plastic bags. Everyone here is walking with sandals on their feet. Looking at the floor of the house, it seems that no one has wiped it in twelve or thirteen years. The situation is like a government hospital ward! The beds are like hospital beds. All in all, Prano was confused, but he remained normal. No one can understand what is going on inside by looking at his face. Hall Super said,

"Bed number 12 is yours. Pack your things slowly. You have to stay in this hall until you get a seat in the room."

Prano said,

"Yes Miss."

As soon as the hall super left, Prano went to bed number 13 and put his bag. A girl was lying on the side bed. He wanted to know,

"Which year?"

Prano replied in a cold voice,

"Inter first year."

"Oh. Just get admitted? What's the name?"

"Tasfia is the soul of the poet."

The girl shook her head and said,

"Prano! Aida is a common name again? Although this name will not be of any use. No one will call your name Dhaira. Everyone's roll number is called Dhaira here."


"These are the rules. These rules are made for the convenience of various accounts of the hostel. What is the roll number?"


"Arebapre! Four Twenty!"

Saying this, the girl started laughing ha ha. Prano is silently looking at the girl with an expressionless face. The girl said again,

"Which school did you go to?"

"Holycross School."

The girl looked at the animal in surprise and said,

"Can you come to Holy Cross School to study at this government college in Mooseball?"

Prano did not answer. The girl's ideology is not going well for her. Does anyone talk like this when a new person comes? Prano said,

"My parents wanted me to study here so I got admitted."

Without giving the girl a chance to speak any more, Prano turned around, opened the bag and took out the clothes. Then, looking around, the girl said again,

"Looking for a bathroom? You'll find it at the far end of the left side of this room."

Prano went to the bathroom with clothes. As soon as he entered the bathroom, he sniffed the veil. His body was confused by the monstrous smell! Two bathrooms, two bathrooms. There is dirty water in one corner of the front. Both basins are very dirty. Left rice in the basin! How do people wash rice plates here? As soon as he looked at the bucket of dirt, he vomited. In the bucket where the leftovers of rice and vegetables are left, there is a reusable sanitary pad! Prano returned home without changing his clothes. Girls can be so random and dirty it's an unprecedented pattern for animals!

It is evening. Prano sat on his bed and counted the beds in the room. A total of 25 beds in this room. She was quite surprised! So many people live in this house! Everyone in the house is like that. Someone is reading, someone is chatting, someone is sleeping again this evening. No one is talking to him. But looking at him from a distance, it seems that he is a poisonous insect! I feel sick thinking what he will do in such an environment for two years.

A very healthy girl came and put the bag on the bed and smiled and said,

"Are you new?"

Prano said,


"My roll is 401. I'm your bedmate. Are you a first year?"

Prano was surprised and said,

"Bedmate means? Do you have to have two in one bed?"

The girl laughed and said,

"Yeah. Don't you know? I didn't know at first. I found out when I slept at night. I was very surprised, you know? I couldn't figure out how to sleep in a single bed. But everyone is staying. I'm used to it. He is in his second year, he got a seat in the room, so he went there. "

"Does it take a year to get a seat in the room?"

"If you do politics, you will get it earlier. Otherwise, it will take a year or more."

"Are you a first year?"


"What's your name?"

"No one here uses names. Call by roll number."

"I heard, but we'll be together, so I'd like to call you by name if you don't mind."

"What's the matter? My name is Tanvi. What's your name?"

"My name is Prano."

"Wow, that's a beautiful name!"

Prano smiled. Tanvi started changing her clothes as soon as she spoke. Prano looked away in embarrassment. Although everyone here is a girl, but how the girl changed clothes in so many! Tanvi said,

"Which section are you on?"


"Oh I'm Commerce. Do you watch this serial?"


"I can't digest rice without watching serials. Stay, there will be stories at night. I'm going to the TV room."


Even after Tanvi left, Prano was thinking that Tanvi should go to bed alone. How will the two sleep?

9 o'clock at dinner time. Tanvi came and said,

"Let's go to the dining room. He gave us food. Did you get a plate?"


Prano went to the dining hall with a plate in his hand and saw how many huge tables there were. Each table has a large bowl of rice. In one corner, two girls are standing with a bowl of vegetables and a spoon. Tanvi picked up the rice from the bowl and put it on the plate. Thick rice. The animal's desire to eat was gone. But I am also very hungry. So I took a spoonful of rice. Then he went to bring curry and saw only pulses on the menu! He has cooked a lot of macha macha. Prano poured the rice back into the bowl. Tanvi said,

"What happened?"

Prano said,

"I don't eat pulses."

"Eat! I often have eggs. I don't remember today. If I had, I could have fried them."

Pranvir really liked Tanvir's words. Since coming here, Prano has understood who is here

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