Island game in the corner of the ocean

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2 years ago
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A collection of books in the deepest depths of the sea,

Shelf across the arrow.

The music plays on the waves, on the wings of the conch.

Flies in the woods, in the cage of the chile,

The shadow of teak can be seen in the corner of the island!

A combination of people, alas, nature is an obstacle in nature!

I understand the color in the water! The music of the conch is somewhere in the sea.

Coconut baskets blow flutes, flying in the forest of island settlements

Niko responds to my words, at the island fair on the corner of the ocean.

Ahazari! And ahazari! Furabena adhibela, ahazari.

A man stands on a beach, looking for an island settlement

Playing the conch, he sits down and calls,

Birds call, water calls, trees call, shelf cover.

Chapa Roy in the abyss, what a game he is on the shelf.

In this life, the fair of the island in the corner of the sea will not end.

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