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Electron Cash REST API Prototype

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2 years ago

I created this video to give a demo of a REST API prototype I built for Electron Cash, and wanted to share it with the developer BCH community:

The motivation for designing the REST API was to send funds between a CashShuffle 'spending' wallet and a CashFusion 'consolidation' wallet.

  • The CashFusion wallet runs on an old laptop. It runs CashFusion 24/7 and is dedicated to anonymously consolidating my spare change.

  • The CashShuffle wallet runs on my day-to-day laptop. It anonymously shuffles my BCH after each transaction.

The spending wallet constantly has small UTXOs that aren't worth much money but could leak a lot of information. This workflow safely recycles them and sends them back as large, anonymous UTXOs to my spending wallet.

This REST API framework though could be adapted to fit any workflow between two Electron Cash wallets.

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Good job, that video shows your programming skills too .

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2 years ago