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You would be ashamed of your humanity If you knew what you gave up to be greedy

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3 weeks ago

For some reason, we tempted to be like others rather than us, and we respected them more. Everything had changed under the name of change, even people had changed, it was forgotten, everything in the name of humanity, all those roads where opportunities were sought, now the direction was going to places where humanity was forgotten and forgotten.

Being human.

First of all, it is one of the most important steps to be taken in order to make life meaningful, and those steps should never move a person beyond what he is, as long as he sees to make a mistake, it can become impossible to return, because time has taken everything so deeply that it is almost impossible to understand and solve it. It would be inappropriate to look for other inappropriate ways when you can be content with what you have, and once you make a dream, everything is over and change begins in personality, it continues with behaviors and you cease to be you, you forget about the past, you think about the past for a long time, and a new one. you.

Life has two sides because it's a fact.

how right it is to be envied, to be envious, to take while knowing how to give, to be unjust when saying justice, to be unfair when saying right, to mean non-existing while there is.

Man is like engine

Hope is the rose of hearts

Time tries to make fun of us

Black knows only one language

Let's seek the solution and heaven in our hearts

Let's not divide; let's divide

Society is under fire stress!

Rains are good; floods are bad.

Ride your bike, don't pollute the environment.

Big exhausts produce big sins.

Noise ain't worth it guys

I believe in hope and the future of man.

Solution; is my eye.

Problems; brother of sins

Ego destroys man and his charisma.

I didn't see the one who said I love and lost

It's not the brand of the car, it's the brand of your heart that matters!!

If I'm strong, I'll disperse my strength too.

It should not be forgotten that those who are captive of what comes out of their mouths can never have the virtue of doing and speaking the truth. Holding a dirty hand intentionally and unintentionally are two different things. You share all the filth of the hand you hold on purpose.

That's why people take into account every issue, and those who have responsibility should absorb the issues that ordinary people are sensitive to because the mistakes of the governed are usually personal, but unlike those who govern, they are social. That's why every word is important, every smile is important, like every dialogue, if you act like you care, even if you encounter problems. You will not have a problem because you are comfortable, but you cannot show irresponsibility when asked to account for your actions to the contrary. If you allow your will to be interfered with, it will be revealed that you are the one who lost control.

If you could continue to be yourself before you look like others, nothing would be this bad. If you knew what you'd give up to be greedy, you would be ashamed of your humanity if you had that much humanity left.

Do not squirm when the fact that you are as dirty as the hands you are holding is standing in the open.

Good thing the hope of my poor does not get bullets

While the life of my poor is a plane; like taking the train!!

I am poor; I'm brave, I'll be a sacrifice to my country

The heart of my miserable shines like stars

You are rich, let your money be a servant, thank you and your country, my worker.

Everyone in their hearts 'reveal the hatred, the rich reveal what!!

Of course, the color of our hopes is blue and beautiful, it is not because we are hungry that we are soulless.

Don't our trees that understand what we are talking about do not understand the evil we have done to them!

Everything burns; hope grows.

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Written by   102
3 weeks ago
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"those who are captive of what comes out of their mouths can never have the virtue of doing and speaking the truth"

I always thought that everyone was a prisoner of their own words.
That to at least try not to speak falsely was the basis of credibility.
Perhaps that is just me...

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3 weeks ago