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You are the Nameless Poetry Book of My Unclaimed Letters

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1 month ago

If a person is incompetent; their dreams hurt too!

Then he starts looking for meanings in life.

With you I understood that my beautiful; God gives beauty and money to whomever he wants.

The building block of art is women; Without them, we would be nothing more than ashes.

You are my filter of beauty, my darling.

There's nothing like writing sheet music to beautiful new songs with you.

Ladies have a good dream because they fly light and fly.

Their lives are noble like butterflies.

Falling into the hands of a witch is like falling into a blind bottomless pit

You don't wear anything when you're single, but when you get married, you realize that everything is on your back.

Something happens that a huge city, maybe even a huge country, suddenly stops and waits sometimes. It waits for days, months or generations for good days to come. For the sake of those beautiful days, I was waiting for you with the same enthusiasm, like big countries. From time to time, my heart seemed to stop, and sometimes I had trouble breathing. So I was excited. I've been waiting for hours for you to wait desperately, just to see your face for two seconds. Maybe it was a dream to see you. Do you know how many lifetimes I spent for this dream in front of windows, on street corners.

I didn't even know if I was in love with you. What was love, how it came, was spoken to the hearts, I did not know that either. I couldn't even describe love because I grew up with the stories of hope my grandfather told but never ended in happiness. But I was in love. Even the possibility of seeing you was love for me. Especially the possibility of holding your hand was like a corner of heaven for me.

That day is September from months and Tuesday from days. My favorite month and my favorite season; Autumn. It was raining, I was getting wet, everyone was looking at me. They were looking at me, and I was at the corner of the street that turned to our house. It was a long road. But I loved that long road waiting for you. Maybe not eye to eye, but it took a long time to line up and I could watch you for a long time.

That's where you showed up that day. In your dress clad in the colors of the rainbow after the rain. I watched you for a long time until you came to my window. You stopped, smiled, said hello as you walked past my window with quick steps. And again you disappeared with fast steps. But I couldn't even rejoice in the frozen state. Afterwards, I raised glasses to that smile many times, I was appetizers to the drink tables many times, anyway.

I learned a lot about you later. Of course, we had our own street friends. Thank goodness I was loved in the neighborhood. I was the master of the neighbourhood, the handsome man of the neighbourhood, the grocer's apprentice for the elderly. Every time I go to the grocery store, I would take their requests and make them a little bit happy. You know, I was loved. Their love was not unclean like the love you showed me.

Anyway, after a while, I learned about the textile workshop where you work and the time of departure. I was chasing him close to that hour. Days later, I gathered all my courage and invited you to a tea garden on the beach and you accepted. That's how the story started. You explained yourself to me for a long time. You said you sew buttons on all your shirts. Afterwards, I listened to you without getting tired of the buttons in my heart and not knowing that you were going to do double stitches.

That's what autumn is for

That's why I'm tight

half in rainbow

Come and heal the wound in my heart.

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Written by   114
1 month ago
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I really love your article so much nice and I learned a lot about it hope you will posting more about kind of article.

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1 month ago

I really love your article so much nice and I learned a lot about it hope you will posting more about kind of article.

I try to write whenever I can, thanks.

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