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We should reflect a moral personality to our philosophy of life

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2 weeks ago

The soul and the heart meet, when the mind unites with reason and foresight, and when inner agreement and reconciliation, even surrender is achieved, the Universe; to explore and reveal the secrets that illuminate the soul, to benefit; Every person takes a pleasant stroll on the mysterious paths of life as much as his own horizon. In this journey, we get closer or further away from the relationship between destiny and existence.

Do you want to build a wall between you and life with the skills and abilities, intelligence and knowledge, your faculties and masteries that God has encoded in your genes and that you have developed? Or do you want to establish a bridge of companionship, by using those precious traits that have been ingrained in your tissues and cells, your core structure correctly and sensitively?

In my opinion, we should always organize our essence towards life by evaluating and recognizing the options that life offers in a positive way. Instead of growth, development, civilization; Instead of production, we should bend ourselves to productive useful production. By assembling the concepts in our saddlebags that make us human in our lives, we must make it a habit in our daily behaviors, and reflect a respectable, noble, solid stance and a person with correct morals to our philosophy of life.

Every morning, whether the sky is clear or cloudy, as long as the world rotates in its place, we should always remember that the sun rises somewhere, even if we do not see it from time to time, and we should never fall into pessimism. Despite everything, we should know that life flows like a river and we cannot bring back the time that has passed, and we should shape our lives accordingly.

We must know that life will never make us dance. Therefore, we should make life dance with the love, passion and love that exists within us, and we should never give up the determination to live happily. "Man should feel the fate of nature inside him like a bleeding wound and suffer that pain," says the German thinker Friedrich Nietzsche.

If I go back a little further from the seasons autumn, in short autumn, that is, the vintage period, I like the fig-picking time and the month September. I see dead birds scattered in the parks, around, on the streets and fallen under the trees, hundreds of lifeless birds. I walk on a secluded road with my back to the hazan winds. The sun rising slowly from the peaks of the mountain almost tears my chest and makes my heart bleed, throws me into a long time.

I have a dangerous explosion of emotions, the first light of the day brightens my soul, purifies it, I am relieved from all sins like dead birds. Not only that, after the night he was hidden, his life-source fireball, which manifests itself as deep but soft and luminous from the depths with the red of dawn, yellow and orange sparks on the horizon; With its extraordinary appearance, it dazzles my eyes as it reminds all living things of the joy of living on a magical morning. My heart is straining and shaking. The ultraviolet, ultraviolet bright warm rays make my body shiver all over. At sunrises, a peaceful inspiration flows into me, as if my soul drank from life, from happiness to green, from green to blue. I fell on a path between the past and the future. I go and come back every time. I am on the back of life at the bottom and sometimes at the top.

Being able to live humanely together with people in the crust of the earth is more insecure and dangerous than living with animals, it is as deadly as walking in a razor's mouth. Dead birds, the perpetrators of dead birds, of course, are humanoid creatures, uncivilized, objectionable humanoid creatures that destroy natural life for their pleasure, and have not developed the consciousness of evolution.

I don't hear, but I do.. there are ears.

I can't see, but I see.. there are eyes.

If I do not think, however, there is intelligence, beautiful things cannot be done without thinking. A severe pain is stuck in my brain, my heart, my eyes, and I lament, ignoring nature while I chant a lot of pain.

My soul is agitated as if it has swirled in a chaos. Why in my country, why do you always do this with a selfish ego? Whether there is a person who has not yet completed his advanced revolution, change, intelligence and understanding, and the evolution of consciousness, if there is no INDIVIDUAL; The year 2021 is in the technology-information age, even in the space age, if I go a little further, my ANIMAL who still does not think and does not question. We have to challenge and resist ignorance, injustice, lawlessness, we have to show the truth to the ignorant ignorance.

Questioning the system is a crime, slavery is compulsory.

Long live slavery and servitude to the servant.

Long live poverty. Long live my king.

I rented my brain for a pack of money.

Even if I want to go tonight, I can't. Walls on all sides, gorse trees on all sides, dark shadows, minds covered with black sheets, I can neither go to the future nor to the past. Nor to any other region.

My hiccups.

My screams.

My regrets and hopes are mixed with the rough rustling of the winds. Thorns and bushes scratch and bleed all over me. The truth will come out if there is mercy. Consciences in seclusion render their judgments with justice. It is necessary to breathe life into one's lungs and heart, to look at it well, and to live away from grudge and hatred. It is necessary to embrace and internalize the free thought that is based on science and truth, with a belief overflowing from its container. Time slips away like water, sadness and loneliness after the dark of the night, a cold steel dagger is stuck in the middle of the most emotional melodies. However, no matter how clean a person considers himself, a bit of shit is left inside. I hit the mountain, threw it into the sea, threw my soul into the wind, the seasons come and go, the years will heal, I said the wound will heal, but the broken jug does not become old. If you don't know, look at the sky and see the things you don't know, then go up to a mountain, plain, soil, turn and look at the sea, look at the forest, look at the birds, flowers, insects, look at the trees, streams, rain and snow. Go look at yourself. See, don't be blind, don't be deaf, don't be dead and think, you exist as much as you ask, question, research, dig, deepen and search in the universe. If you have a mind of your soul, you will find yourself on a journey to your essence.

I turned my head to the sky, an oil painting on the top, the stars are very bright, the moon is fascinating, another night passes by, enthusiastically sprinkling happiness and hope into our souls.

A revel among the people

Fireworks exploding in the sky,

Innocent birds die in the air.

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Written by   101
2 weeks ago
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