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We Pay a Heavy Price for Being Bad

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2 months ago

In the evening, I retreat to my room. I have recorded songs. I listen to them. Western classics with different instruments, unforgettable songs and folk songs.

I'm old too. I don't listen to arabesque like the new generation.

Sometimes I just play the music for myself. I hesitate to sound.

There is no song like our songs!

You're right! I fell in love with your green eyes.

Goodbye tavern, I can't stay anymore.

How beautiful is the majesty in the starry skies.

With every drop that hits the glass, I remember you and my thirst for you.

What's up!

Counting is endless.

They enchant me.

We are no longer teenagers. I wanted to remind. I thought of your expectation.

It won't hurt anyone! What I want is sizeless, shapeless, colorless, odorless.

So you will invent them yourself. It will be how you envision it.

You're right. I would like to create a fantasy world.

It is very difficult to curb anyone's feelings in that square, especially at first.

He should trust me, I should trust him. First of all, what is needed. It is better to trust and be trusted than to love and be loved. I already want to talk, to relieve my loneliness. I'm so bored. I need a friend, not a lover!

Will you introduce him to the lady?

Why not? He trusts me. I didn't do anything wrong to him, nor will I. He knows very well.

What's missing from him? Can't chat with him?

Yes, but tasteless. It's like hospital food. I want to talk to him like I'm chatting with you. Even if he is not very knowledgeable. You should at least ask me questions. It should make you think! It must be forced!

You want to do brain training. Do you have certain rules?

I am not a rule maker. My only rule is for him to act putting himself in my place.

If I can put myself in her place, what else is there but beauty!

He said that when the jugs are broken and the waters are mixed, there will be neither jug ​​nor your water.

What would you most like to talk to him about? The main subject is definitely mysticism.

On words, of course! It's more fun than knowledge. How do we understand it outside of love! Words are not enough! The mind is helpless! It just can't get past the stress! Love is only a matter of the heart. If there are two hearts, there is no love there. Maybe there is love. Love is general, but love is private.

I never doubted for a moment the love of God. He really wants that love, that friend. God's Love is pushing you, not the need for a woman.

You are there too, but my evenings are deserted.

There is no mistake in testing! I mean, you can't be a man from me. You are so kneeling in front of the podium.

I did not join them for sport. For years I lived in lamentation. There were quite good conditions on those roads. Love is a timeless concept. Different feeling. When it's not there, you're in the void! Neither worship gives pleasure nor knowledge.

There were times when I spent more than half of the year fasting, praying until the morning, and chanting nonstop. I saw many miracles, but I did not enjoy it. You are the one who knows this best. Love is pleasure!

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Written by   93
2 months ago
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