There are those who run and talk to the black holes of the heart

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I'm proud of you, but conscience can also be your enemy. You are conscientious, compassionate and at the same time cute and sweet. So tell me, do you know the attitude you should have towards this girl? Because just like other people's strengths, their weakness can destroy you.

Weak people are not harmless.

Their weaknesses may be their strength.

Someone this unstable is a threat to you and a trap.

There are walking black holes. Talking, breathing, drinking tea. You feel darkened when exposed. Because they live by absorbing the energies of others. They cling to life with the remembrance of their pain. In fact, they are not weak. But even with the design, they learned its usefulness. Yeah. A weakness that its owner uses as a weapon is a black hole if you are not selfishly guarding against it. It pulls in. It suffocates. It sinks.

I can even say, my friend: Compassion, if not properly used, makes its owner one of the 'most useful idiots'. In other words, there is no emotion that is not dangerous in this world.

Man becomes part of what he has compassion on. And it makes it part of it. That is the nature of the heart. The heart loves involuntarily. The sober mind tries to distance itself from what is felt. He pushes himself out. Searches for orbit. He doesn't want to be caught.

Logic is essentially a search for distance. It is an effort to remember the whole. It is the balance given by the encompassing. In his drunkenness, he suffocates when he looks. Now he is in the captivity of other forces. Then it gives up the whole and falls apart. It will be a piece.

Maybe I did too, my friend.

I got out - I couldn't get out.

I do not know.

But I hope.

I also remember:

It was his compassion that destroyed many of those who were taken.

They pretended they were doing well.

Do not get it wrong.

They were not the ones who would hurt the ant.

They didn't hurt either.

But they persecuted themselves a lot.

How? Why? Why?

Because they thought it was all real.

They hurt their loved ones so much.

They also embraced their pain without remorse.

They had no experience to distinguish artificiality.

They were prone to manipulation.

They wanted to be heroes.

They wanted to save someone.

They did more than fiction.

They experienced this because of their sincerity.

However, none of them worn out on behalf of them.

In the mouth of the pessimist, trouble is not pepper, but chewing gum. Dissatisfaction is itching with pleasure. Complaining is a habit. The optimist's gamble is truth. It can't get over its effect. It can't tangent to the shake. To children I recognize as of this nature, I recommend this: Keep your distance from your parents' problems. You ask why? Because they are deceiving you knowingly or unknowingly. They go through sparklers with your heart settings. Namely: They often do not experience their emotions as hurtfully as you do. Even their cries are like summer rain. They don't charge themselves/life big bills like you do. They don't shake as hard as your heart. Because they are experienced. Because they are big. They built their walls. They are selfish enough to protect their emotions. But when you look at them, you think they are just like you. You are wrong.

Excessive emotionality increases the burden of empathy. 'One' in your interlocutor becomes 'hundred' in you. Those who use their weaknesses as weapons will hurt you easily. They also use it. The trouble of such a person may not even miss his laughter five minutes later. But your sleep is lost. Why does this happen? I think it's because: Compassion turns fiction into reality. The projected may be a lie, but its effect on you is real.

Like compassion, selfishness is not unwise, my friend. A dose of selfishness allows us to protect ourselves from these black holes. Fiction becomes our wall against attacks. It prevents earthquakes within us.

At this point, I need to make a distinction. Yeah. I will make this distinction over the characters in the movie "Hunter: The Winter War". I think there are two different kinds of selfishness reflected by the Ice Queen Freya (Emily Blunt) and her sister Ravenna (Charlize Theron).

Such selfishness is necessary for those of us who come to the news, social media, and various manipulators and see the world as a mess. They are not harmed by their use. They protect their feelings from irritation. The moment is conditional: if they do not overdo it! If they don't run into total indifference! That's right: Being under a burden that he cannot bear makes even the most obedient slave offend his owner.

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