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There are people who know how to love with good intentions

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1 month ago

It was another spring day.

I remember the day we first met you.

We met when they invited you to a rehabilitation center due to an illness.

While waiting in line, we talked and chatted.

When we realized that we graduated from different faculties of the same University, we decided to be friends, but because we were in different cities, we decided to write letters.

We were sure we could do it.

My dear friend, After this conversation, what features made us friends? I thought about this for a long time. In this letter, I would like to share with you the reasons for our good knit friendship.

They say,

It's easy to find new friends,

Maintaining friendships is difficult.

If this is difficult, it has been easy for us with mutual goodwill, wanting what we want for ourselves, for the other person, with a sense of trust, love and respect. These conveniences have always given us strength. He gave strength. It should be our beauties to write them down and leave them to future generations.

Dear friend, while I was talking to you, I decided in good faith to be friends with you. However, while making this decision, I understood that you wanted to be my friend with the same good intentions. Since I believe that goodwill is always the first condition in sincere and exemplary friendship, our sincerity has been the cornerstone of this friendship.

If people who meet in a place by chance do not approach each other in good faith, they talk there as a courtesy and the conversation ends after the meeting is over and people do not even greet each other if they meet again. Because, without good intentions, they talked only as a word. Our conversation when I met you was the intention of both of us to establish friendships for the future. It's not just me, we both did it.

After the meeting, I wrote you a letter in good faith. I told about the things I love about myself. You wrote to me and told me about the things you love. Over time, we realized that we have a lot in common in this friendship, and although we wanted to include those in the meetings in that rehabilitation center, we saw that they had no intention of attending such meetings, and we both decided to continue the friendship. Finally, “exemplary friendship” was born. We understood that when there is no "goodwill" in friendship, nothing happens.

The second stage in friendship is to truly love your friend after goodwill and to show this love with looks, behavior and true love. Respect is also important. I don't know your limits and we "grow our friendship" hand in hand with goodwill, respect and love, without going beyond them, without being too vague towards you and respecting you in the real sense.

You knew and understood this as much as I did. Over time, you came to me and I came to you, and our friendship became more solid. Thus, our friendships began to strengthen. We started to wish that every friendship could be like this. However, we believe that not everyone can have the same good intentions and focus on this love and respect. Friendships require dedication, don't they?

The third condition in friendship was the motto "You will want for your friend what you want for yourself, you will not want for your friend what you do not want for yourself". Believing this sincerely and seeing that our friendship became stronger when we put it into practice, we became more attached to life. We motivated each other to love and understand life and to help other people as well.

In addition, we have mutually trusted each other, believing that "mutual trust" is one of the most important factors in the consolidation of friendships. At that time, besides being committed to life, we also experienced the joy of being an example to other people. At this stage, we saw that the feelings in the consolidation and strengthening of friendships only exist in people and people who know how to love with good intentions, and not every person can experience these feelings.

We know that you and I have some shortcomings that other people do not have. This deficiency developed without our control. By comparing our strengths with our shortcomings without worrying about it, we saw that this side of us, which sometimes seems like a disadvantage, actually gives us perseverance. Seeing these beautiful aspects and ignoring our weak points also strengthened our friendship. This allowed us to experience the joy of being an example to others, with you and me. I hope we will continue these traits throughout our lives.

If we want to take this friendship forward with determination and beauty, life also offers us what we want and cannot do in the future. It should not be forgotten that always trying to go forward with good intentions causes us to live more enjoyable and free than having positions. If we cling to life with the strength we derive from just being human, we can be even more peaceful than those with position and authority. Our ancestors, who said, "I have a little excess, my warm head" did not say this word for nothing.

Let's develop this friendship in such a way that our future generations. Let our children develop this friendship and hold on to life. In my opinion, instead of hoarding goods and wealth for children, I believe that it is more important than hoarding wealth, to make friendships, to be sociable and active people, to present them to life as people who establish strong communication, as well as to have them go through a vocational training. I think it is always more virtuous to make our children the masters of knowledge and love rather than making them slaves of wealth.

Life goes on despite everything, and those who turn friendships into solid friendships, even if they do not have wealth and position, life and people will smile at them. You and I should always continue to look at life with beauty, being aware of this. Then we see that what is called difficult is actually easy things that people make difficult.

My dear brother,

If the promises and love we made when we first met continue to give us strength, strength and life in life, we must continue to experience the joy of "living" and "living despite our shortcomings" with "exemplary friendships". Because life goes on despite everything. If we continue this journey of life with “exemplary friendships”, this journey will not be a troublesome one, but a life-giving journey that will give us joy of life.

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Written by   105
1 month ago
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