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She Dreamed of a Dream Without Disappointments

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4 weeks ago

Time was passing quickly. On a hot day with all shades of blue and green, the little girl looked up at the sky from her swing. The clouds were white or white, the sky was like eternity.

Near him was a small sweet river curving.

On the wooden bridge above him, a boy loved a kitten, and the softness of its fur was etched into his soul as he stroked its head.

As her mother shook the little girl, she felt as if her fingertips were touching the clouds. The little girl, who couldn't help it, was saying, "A little faster mom, look, shake me until I touch that big cloud", as if it were too late.

her heart was racing with the wind, she couldn't stay fidgety.

Resembling clouds with different shapes was her favorite game with her mother. The clouds sometimes looked like a sheep, sometimes like a dragon with flames coming out of its mouth, sometimes like a squirrel, sometimes like a never-ending ice cream.

Well, one. How she looked like her grandfather's cotton beard. It was as if her grandfather was smiling at her mother with the little girl from the cloud.

Have you ever seen a smiling cloud? Smiling and bearded cloud?

She closed his eyes.

Taking the wind behind her, she threw herself on the wing of a huge pink bird.

The bird took him under his wing, embraced him.

"Let's see where you want to go," she asked.

The little girl said, "A little pink won't fly on your wing,

And then I want to get on top of that big cloud,” she said.

The bird was very merciful and kind-hearted.

Yet how majestic his wings were compared to his heart.

Twisted under the bird's wings.

She listened to her heart, she.

How fast she was beating her heart.

her eyes look fearlessly,

He loved the little girl's dimpled cheek with his beak.

They were crossing the seas and greeting the storks they encountered.

The little girl was always telling something. It's like, like, a little bit of a talker.

How quickly the time passed, it was already upon the cloud that he wanted to go. She had said goodbye to her huge pink-winged companion here.

The cloud is a white cotton candy,

it was fluffy, fluffy like a little foam.

He bounced around on the cloud like a trampoline. As he jumped, his head touched the top of the sky. He almost couldn't stop himself.

He dreamed again within the dream, that it must be a dream.

He was stunned when he heard a voice saying "Dreams are always beautiful".

It was the cloud that spoke like in fairy tales, and he met the cloud and became friends right there.

He put his hands under his chin and watched the earth from the sky a little.

How far is everything

how tiny it is, yet so clear.

People, cars, bridges, roads...

She saw something, rubbing her eyes several times with his hands,

"What is this!" she exclaimed excitedly.

"There's a fire!, fire! see those trees?

How they are on fire.

"Let's get a little closer and go to them," said the cloud.

The trees were sobbing.

The little girl had never seen a weeping tree before.

The crying of the trees was not enough to put out the fire. How helpless the forest looked.

This time the little girl started to cry. Tears were pouring down all over the forest.

Maybe I can put out this fire with my tears, he thought..

She cried, cried a lot, but her tears were not enough to put out the fire.

Cloud was very upset. In a moment it darkened,

It was as if an elephant had sat in his heart.

Her pure white state turned into a pitch black cloud.

Now the cloud was crying.

It was pouring rain all over the forest.

It was raining beautifully.

As the little girl looked out the window of the cloud, she stretched out her chubby hands,

She washed her face with her wet hands.

She wiped her tears, relieved.

The fires are finally out.

The fires are extinguished but

this time the color of the trees turned from green to black.

All the trees were burned to ashes.

Have you ever seen a black tree?

Black and dead wood.

She opened his eyes

His mother was still behind him and rocking him.

azure sky, white clouds,

lush trees, meandering river,

wooden bridge, cat on the bridge,

boy at the head of the cat...

Everything was in its place.

You know, the pink bird with broad wings but with a graceful spirit,

where was he?

The little girl thought,

If all this wasn't a dream, what was?

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Written by   102
4 weeks ago
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